Using Video Conference Equipment

Video conferencing is all about access. The right video conferencing equipment enables face-to-face connections to be made while saving the need for travel, from a short walk across campus to an international flight. Traditional video conference equipment was supposed to help alleviate the time and cost of physical meetings. But, this can only happen when it’s fully functional and compatible with other systems. That’s where BlueJeans Network comes in.

Video conference software and equipment

Equipment That Works Across Different Vendors and Devices

Whether it’s through different protocols, features, capabilities, or connectivity options, video conference equipment from different vendors doesn’t always play well together. You need to ensure that your video conferencing equipment is compatible with what other teams are using.

BlueJeans video conferencing is interoperable and cloud-based, meaning it works with all the top vendors (like Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize and Avaya), traditional video conference room equipment and devices (like smartphones and tablets).

The Power of the Cloud

With BlueJeans, everyone should be able to join a video meeting, no matter what type of equipment they’re using. Just because one employee decides to join via mobile app doesn’t mean they should miss out on certain tools and functionalities. BlueJeans transforms your existing video conferencing equipment into a dynamic video meeting experience by:

  • • supporting the widest range of devices on the market
  • • allowing audio-only participation
  • • supporting instant screen sharing (presentations, spreadsheets, video clips, etc.)
  • • providing easy in-meeting controls
  • • including dynamic tools for admins to add/remove users, review usage, change security settings, etc.
  • • offering a subscription-based service that is scalable to your unique needs

Video Conferencing Equipment Setup Flexibility

Need more flexibility in your video conferencing equipment? Start your free BlueJeans trial and start enjoying hassle-free, online video conferences.

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