HD Video Conferencing

The Enterprise Ready, HD Video Experience for Everyone


HD video conferencing supported by a single, cloud-based platform is enhancing the overall quality of video meetings and bringing more natural images to every day, enterprise-wide collaboration.


Young professionals and forward-thinking executives see video conferencing as a key communication tool in the modern business world. Video conferencing has proven to be among the preferred ways that leading enterprises meet and collaborate in one-on-one and group settings. However, for many users, the perception of video conferencing solutions has been skewed by less than stellar audio and video experiences with the more common free, consumer products.


While many organizations prioritize upgrading their email systems and installing VOIP telephones, many have missed out on the value that cloud-based, HD video conferencing can bring. Though HD video is nothing new, using HD video as a cloud-based, video conferencing enhancement is a more recent development. Previous attempts to achieve a clear, manageable, and consistent video image, especially through the cloud, have proven expensive and largely unreliable.


BlueJeans offers a cloud-based, HD video conferencing service that achieves next level image quality by eliminating the need for additional hardware or software. This allows anyone, anywhere to stream live video in full HD, up to 720p, across laptops, mobile devices, and multi-vendor conference room systems. Participants can choose either a full-screen or a gallery view (showing multiple participants on screen).

For organizations seeking an end to end, video conferencing service that combines HD video, mobile collaboration, and instant, no hassle online meetings, BlueJeans offers a complete, single platform solution. BlueJeans not only supports HD video, but audio conferencing, HD screen sharing, and group messaging along with anywhere, any device video conferencing.

BlueJeans allows your business to:

• include up to 100 interactive participants in an enterprise-ready online meeting
• satisfy a range of video conferencing uses from sales or training calls to global team meetings
• scale video conferencing seamlessly across multiple office locations as well as remote employees worldwide
• go live in six simple steps using only a BlueJeans account, an internet connection, and a video-enabled device

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