Video Chat That Works Anywhere, Every Time

BlueJeans is a professional, powerful, and interoperable cloud-based video calling platform that's driving video chat to new heights. BlueJeans empowers video chats across devices and platforms—iOS, Android, or PC—no matter where you are. What’s better than crystal clear audio and HD video for your video chats? Whether you’re catching up with friends in a group chat, going over important information with co-workers, or calling in remotely to a team meeting—wherever you are, no matter what device you’re on, BlueJeans video callingin HD surround sound featuring Dolby Voice and The Dolby Conference Phone makes it all possible.

Video Chats That Work Anywhere, Every Time

Touch-to-Join, Enterprise Video Chats Across Devices

With a BlueJeans video chat, you can depend on superior touch-to-join functionality where you’ll never have to worry about not coming through for that next client meeting, candidate interview, all-hands meeting, or product launch. BlueJeans video chats encompass all the features you need, and nothing you don’t: joining a video call should be as simple as entering a room and pressing a button. 

BlueJeans: 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary

We are proud to be a 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary! BlueJeans received this recognition for leading live video chat solutions and real-time collaboration tools that support participants across multiple platforms and networks for superior communications, presentations, training, and webinars.

Dependable Interoperability for Video Chat Events

With BlueJeans video chats, meetings don’t have to be difficult to schedule, tedious or unproductive. With BlueJeans, there are no complicated how-to video call instruction manuals to memorize, or complicated hardware to deploy and manage. Video chat freezing mid-interview? Clipped, difficult to hear audio and distracting background noises? At BlueJeans, we know that natural flowing—in sync audio and video—during a video call is crucial to the authenticity and success of the interaction. BlueJeans video chat apps for iOS and Android ensure you’ll never miss a minute in the car, the office, or home—all with exceptional Dolby Voice sound technology.

Easily Deployed Workflow Integrations

With text chat and Kaptivo whiteboard capabilities, participants in BlueJeans video chats can easily exchange real-time, text messages with other participants, or the presenter, using an interface that incorporates intuitive, instant messaging. With shared whiteboard capabilities, meeting attendees can write and draw directly on existing in-room whiteboards that record the entire process from start to finish in a downloadable PDF document.

Need to ask a question without posing it to the entire group? Interact using the in-platform chat function. Present on the video call, but need to mute your mic? Mute and unmute functions have got you covered. With a BlueJeans video call, screen sharing is easily recorded at the touch of a button to ensure you won’t miss any details and can easily access the recording for future review.

Remote Team Video Call Inclusion

Critical communication can be missed through traditional phone calls and emails. BlueJeans video calls capture conversation nuances that may otherwise go unnoticed. Video chats connect people in a lively, more meaningful way, which proves especially valuable when connecting remote colleagues and work spaces. Schedule and manage your video chats from anywhere with the straightforward view of all meetings in your BlueJeans meeting queue, and know that you’re supported by BlueJeans’ industry-leading cloud-based security and reliability.

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