Video Bridging

Save time in coordinating groups and systems every video conference meeting. Manage everything with Blue Jeans all-in-one service that lets you link it all together seamlessly with our pay-as-you-go solutions. We put you in control of video bridging for your web meetings, while allowing you to easily scale up or scale down capability depending on the support you need.

Blue Jeans Offers Truly Unified Communications:

Our cloud-based video conferencing services provide video bridging with:

  • Interoperability--participants can use virtually any video device or meeting platform.
  • Mobile and browser integration.
  • Connectivity to cross-network partner video conferences.

Today, organizations require access to cloud-based video conferencing services to create the best-possible video interoperability between devices along with audio and web communications. Blue Jeans is an industry leader in technology that bridges video conferences between traditional room video systems, desktop-based and mobile video, all with a goal to simplify the way people connect to each according to user requirements. Entirely run in the cloud, implementing our cross-vendor solution means no new infrastructure is needed. Manage and support video conferences throughout your organization with our enterprise-level services.

Interoperable and Unified

Blue Jeans' video conferencing services have been developed to interoperate with the most popular conferencing systems and platforms used by enterprises and organizations today, including web browsers, Google Video Chat, Microsoft Lync, room systems and Telepresence systems. We also integrate with a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and even landline phones for audio-only connection. Our solutions also work with a range of networks and even another party's video bridging system to create a single, seamless multi-point video meeting. This allows Blue Jeans cloud-based video conferencing technology to become a powerful solution to help your organization achieve a truly unified communications strategy.

Unifying Business-to-Business Video Conferencing

It is a becoming more of a necessity for businesses to communicate with other businesses through video conferencing. It eliminates the need for costly travel, saves time and allows for face-to-face interaction, which is a crucial factor during business meetings and collaboration. However, video bridging can be a big challenge with the need to coordinate video conferences between different parties using their own private networks. Blue Jeans, a forerunner in B2B video conferencing, offers versatile and flexible solutions to make it easy for enterprises to reach their partners, clients, prospects and suppliers. Enable B2B connections anytime, anywhere on virtually any device with our interoperable cloud-based video conferencing services. No hardware installation required.

Protecting Your Existing Infrastructure Investments

Blue Jeans' video conferencing solutions are enterprise-ready. Start using our service immediately and deploy it throughout your organization without having to install new equipment in your office or ask remote employees to set up conferencing hardware. We work with what the system you have and what your business connections use for a cost-effective and efficient video bridging solution. We invest in new technologies and continuously make improvements in our solutions so that our users don't have to worry about making new infrastructure investments and upgrades themselves.

Simplifying Video Communication

  • We don't care what system you have. We're compatible with most enterprise and consumer video conferencing vendors. Remote employees can attend trainings using their preferred device.
  • Self-Service Model: With Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions, you have easy-to-use and reliable tools to help you manage and support your own unified video communications. Access your Blue Jeans meetings through a simple interface. Schedule meetings and send invites to participants with a few clicks of a mouse. Use intuitive in-meeting controls to mute/unmute the audio or camera, share content to the group or chat with participants.
  • Predictable Pricing: While our service is flexible, our pricing structure is predictable so users never have to worry about variable fees. With the Right Size plan, you pay based on your company size, eliminating overbuying of capacity. You also get unlimited use of site-wide licenses for a fixed price that can be as low as $10 a month per active user. This plan also gives IT departments the freedom to deploy technology without having to keep tabs of the costs of user licenses or scrutinize usage patterns. Blue Jeans offers other pricing plans that feature lower pricing per host or per port.
  • Mobility: With Blue Jeans' mobile video conferencing applications, it's easy to manage, host or join video meetings even when you're on the go. Users still enjoy the same Blue Jeans intuitive controls and user-friendly functionality, but with the ability to connect using mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and Android smart phones and tablets. This brings your organization the power of seamless video bridging where and when users need it, and the ability to remain connected to your people.

Providing Better Value

Blue Jeans' competitive, pay-as-you-go video conferencing rates not only make video bridging more cost-effective, but also offers organizations a valuable communication strategy advantage. With Blue Jeans industry-leading experience, you can benefit from our proven track record of delivering consistent high-quality video conferencing and collaboration services in the cloud. Create a Blue Jeans account now.