Team Collaboration

The ability of a team to work together is crucial to the success of any organization. For businesses, there is an inherent need to collaborate whether on projects, sales goals or product development. Beyond an enterprise setting, government personnel, healthcare professionals and educators often collaborate with their peers to accomplish their jobs. This need for collaboration and communication is the same for a virtual team. Blue Jeans gives your remote team the solution it needs to collaborate effectively, regardless of where team members are.

In-Person Collaboration Online

Traditionally, it was necessary for teams to be in the same physical location when they have to meet for a group project. Being in the same room allowed people to work together in real time and make cohesive progress to reach their goals. Face-to-face meetings made miscommunication less likely to happen. In today's modern workforce where virtual teams are becoming more common, organizations must have a tool in place to allow people to carry out their work –including meetings – from anywhere.

With our video conferencing services, team collaboration is possible as if every member is in the same room even if they are time zones apart. When you cannot (or opt not to) have your team meet face to face, the best alternative that gives the closest experience to having everyone physically in the same place is a video conference where people can see each other, communicate and transfer ideas clearly and effectively.

With Blue Jeans' video conferencing solution, organizations can:

  • Enhance personal interaction between remote team members
  • Benefit from the ability to see non-verbal cues for better communication
  • Reinforce teamwork and team relationship
  • Increase engagement of participants during meetings

Powerful Video Collaboration

Blue Jeans offers cloud-based video conferencing service that makes virtual team collaboration easy. There's no need for extra hardware or extra software. Start with a Blue Jeans account and all you will need next is an Internet connection and a video-enabled device to start high-quality video conferencing.

  • Choose Your Platform, Choose Your Device
    Blue Jeans works with multiple vendors and multiple devices. So all meeting participants can connect to a Blue Jeans meeting using practically any platform they choose. One member can use Google Video Chat while another can use Polycom or Cisco, Microsoft Lync or other meeting platforms and all parties can effortlessly meet together over video conference using Blue Jeans. Collaborate with peers, partners and customers through a room system, desktop client, web browser, a mobile device or even a landline phone.
  • Meet with Multiple Parties
    Blue Jeans supports large-scale team collaboration by enabling up to 25 endpoints to be connected in one single meeting. So whether for corporate trainings, recruitment, sales calls, online courses or global team meetings, Blue Jeans can easily handle multi-party meetings across all industries.
  • Content Sharing
    Easily share content with others during meetings from your iPhone or view content shared by others. Share a wide range of content from documents to photos and videos. Native gestures like pinch-to-zoom are supported.
  • Scale Up or Scale Down Easily
    Running entirely in the cloud, Blue Jeans eliminates the need for organizations to purchase and install video conferencing hardware or software. Without such investment, it is then possible to increase or decrease capacity depending on present needs. Simply add virtual ports as needed.
  • Go Mobile
    Wherever your workplace happens to be, you can use the Blue Jeans mobile app to join video conferences from either your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Blue Jeans also integrates with web browsers so you can also connect to meetings while on the go using your laptop and webcam.
  • Share Content in High Definition
    Blue Jeans video conferencing features dual-stream support that allows people to collaborate on their content in rich high-definition detail up to 1080p, whether they want to share multimedia presentations, financial worksheets or diagrams. Our technology ensures the quality of simultaneous content sharing and live video feed.
  • Share Videos
    Blue Jeans lets you share video clips during meetings. Most industry standard file formats are supported. Synchronous playback allows participants to watch the video at the same time from any device that can receive videos.
  • Meet Securely
    You can be confident every Blue Jeans meeting is secure and private even in an environment that involves multiple vendors. Our enterprise-grade cloud-based video conferencing services include strong security features such as firewall / NAT traversal, default encryption, administrative control and temporary meeting IDs.
  • Implement Seamlessly
    Roll out Blue Jeans to your whole enterprise quickly and easily via a centralized admin console that allows IT managers to manage and support the service. Add users, set passwords and permissions, integrate with your scheduling tool and offer 24/7 customer support.

Experience Effortless Team Collaboration

The modern workforce may have radically changed but collaboration remains mission-critical to any organization. Those that can offer the best capabilities for team collaboration that allow business to be conducted with anyone, regardless of distance or location, will gain a clear competitive advantage.

The evident benefits of face-to-face meetings, combined with the fact that the video format is becoming more popular and ubiquitous, means that it only makes perfect sense to invest in the best video collaboration tools for your organization. Contact Blue Jeans now to find out how we can enhance your collaboration and communications strategy.