Stream Live Video And Increase Your Facebook Fans

Live streaming over social media platforms like Facebook is a great way for organizations to engage audiences and establish genuine connections with fans and followers. Live stream an event that truly brings people together.

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming a videocast allows audiences to watch broadcast and webinar events in real time. BlueJeans offers the first live streaming video platform that embraces a multi-party broadcasting model. This means that up to 100 camera feeds can actively participate during any onSocial event and reach thousands of Facebook users. This empowers individuals or organizations to easily manage their own virtual events, connect with fans, facilitate multiple presenters, share content, and more. Audience members and presenters can join from their favorite smart devices, desktop computers, and even conference room systems and start participating.

Stream Live Video And Increase Your Facebook Fans

How to Live Stream with BlueJeans onSocial

BlueJeans enables organizations to personalize their live video streaming experience to match their needs. Options include scheduling a single event, a recurring series or broadcast on-the-spot via Facebook. Toggle between different visual layouts or display up to nine, on screen presenters at once. Mute or unmute participants as necessary. Upload content during your live video streaming session and easily share it with your audience. Record a full meeting for future playback. Now, that’s flexibility that works.

Ready to Stream Live on Facebook?

Transform the way your organization connects and interacts with people on social media. You’ll see more likes, fans and followers in no time. BlueJeans onSocial is already being used by some of the world’s leading brands to create unforgettable, interactive experiences with customers and fans. Are you ready to live stream over Facebook? Get your free event today!

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