Screen Sharing Within a Video Conference

In today's arsenal of available web meeting tools, screen sharing represents a vital part. Not only does it allow the hosts of meetings to transfer videos, still images and PowerPoint presentations to their participants, but it also eliminates the need for participants to have to download anything before a meeting begins. Not only that, but screen sharing also allows every attendee to view one or more visual aids submitted by a host simultaneously. This allows the host to continue presenting seamlessly.

Screen Sharing Benefits More than Businesses

But not only businesses can benefit from the many advantages of screen sharing via Blue Jeans; the ability to share just about any type of file for instant viewing is also incredibly useful for IT departments who offer remote support. Customers can share their current experiences instantly with specialists, who can then set about diagnosing the issue immediately, without the need to wait for email descriptions or having to travel to the client's site.

Online training and teaching can also benefit from Blue Jeans screen sharing. All institutions can infinitely enhance the learning experience by offering real-time examples to students. Students can also enjoy learning the same subjects as their peers by virtually attending lectures at the same time they are being delivered. As well, lectures can be uploaded for later student review for those students residing in different time zones.

Those home users wishing to manage several machines on a single network can also benefit greatly from screen sharing. This technology literally has advantages that can be applied to just about every user in every situation, whether it is personal or business.

Increased Participation

One of the main benefits of screen sharing is that control can be given to anyone who may be attending a meeting. In doing this, instant collaboration can occur, and everyone can have the opportunity to voice their opinion or propose certain changes to documents and presentations. This instant team collaboration allows for a much more refined and higher quality end result.

Getting the Most from Your BlueJeans Screen Sharing Experience

Understanding how screen sharing over video conference works with Blue Jeans will be critical. At some point before your meeting, it may help to send some tutorial information to your attendees so that they can get the most from their meeting. All participants should be aware of which portions of their screens may be visible to attendees. This will allow them to prepare their screens beforehand for the best viewing experience overall.

If you are running the meeting, communicate with any attendees who are also presenting to ensure that they are ready to share their screens before you actually do so. This can help avoid the inadvertent sharing of confidential information without their knowledge or before they can minimize it. Prior to the meeting, it may help to meet with other presenters to practice transitioning from one screen to another.

Although this is basic web conference etiquette, you may wish to remind attendees that all screens being shared in a meeting should be appropriately kept. This includes avoiding the composition of emails or chatting, as you must be ready for your screen to be shared at any moment and without warning, depending on who is running the meeting and what kind of screen sharing protocol was agreed upon.

Testing Is Priceless

If it's possible to get all presenters together before the meeting, testing can ensure the best possible outcome for all. Testing allows any bugs to be worked out and fine tuning to occur, both which will make for the best presentation possible. Testing can also help to make you and other presenters aware of how long presentations, video or other media will take to load, and which media loads better than others.

BlueJeans Has Your Back

There is no better way to encourage a positive and exciting team environment than with video conferencing. And there's no faster way to implement your team's ideas than with the ability to share screens. You can use the same advanced technology that your competition is using to tighten up your marketing plan, solidify goals and encourage collaboration. There's no telling what's in store when you are able to open so many doors simultaneously via this kind of advanced web conferencing technology.

If you are new to web conferencing, there's no need to fret; we have a comprehensive guide available for download, absolutely free. There is absolutely no better time than now to get on board with the latest web conferencing technology. And we at Blue Jeans are here to help. Let us show you how you can realize your dreams for a stronger and more cohesive team today for larger sales and return on investment tomorrow. We're available to take your call at your convenience: 408.550.2828.