BlueJeans for Safari
on macOS High Sierra

One-click video meetings right in your favorite browser

Our goal is to provide high-quality meeting experiences using tools people already have—like Safari. Using WebRTC, BlueJeans enables browser-based voice and video conferencing with no plugin or download required in macOS High Sierra.
No download, no hassle

Just click 'join' and and you're in! Your video meeting is instantly launched in Safari on your Mac. No plugins or install required.

Your meeting, your choice

Experience BlueJeans meetings the way you want. If Safari is your browser of choice, joining and participating in BlueJeans meetings is right at your fingertips.

Friction-free experience

There's no account required to join a BlueJeans meeting, and with native support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and now Safari, everyone can join video meetings with one click.

Want to check it out for yourself? Request access to try
BlueJeans for Safari on macOS High Sierra.