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BlueJeans Relay Enables
Touch-to-Join Meetings

BlueJeans Relay is a software solution that integrates customer-premise components and applications with the BlueJeans cloud. Relay Touch, the first solution powered by BlueJeans Relay, integrates calendar applications, conference room systems, and everyday tablet computers to make joining a BlueJeans meeting easy and automatic.

Benefits of Relay Touch

  • Touch-to-join: a fast and foolproof way to join a BlueJeans meeting
  • Displays all scheduled meetings for the configured conference room
  • Provides the same, simple join process for room systems from multiple vendors
  • Works with most H.323 and SIP-based video conferencing room systems
  • Free for current BlueJeans customers with paid accounts

BlueJeans Relay Works With:

  • Most Cisco/Tandberg (non-CTS) systems
  • Polycom HDX
  • Polycom RealPresence
  • Lifesize Icon, Room, and Express systems

The BlueJeans Relay download package includes the software to install on your server, plus step-by-step configuration instructions. Once your account is provisioned, most deployments can be configured in about an hour.

With a Pro or Premier service plan, you can receive guided configuration assistance from a BlueJeans Relay specialist. If you have already purchased Advanced Services or Deployment Services or have a Pro or Premier service plan, you can receive this configuration assistance at no extra charge.

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