Collaborate on Projects Using Video Calls

BlueJeans is a leader in innovation and video calling services. With simple, interoperable video conferencing services, your workers, colleagues, clients, and vendors can connect anytime, anywhere, and with any device. Whether part of your project team is traveling or is permanently scattered across the globe, BlueJeans helps makes group video conferences and better productivity possible. Learn more about our online meeting benefits below, then give us a call to start video conferencing.

Easy to Use, From Anywhere!

No matter where your co-workers live or what operating system they prefer, everyone involved in your group project can easily connect to a video conference. Blue Jeans acts as a bridge between traditional video conference rooms and any remote participants. Your colleagues, partners, and clients can join meetings via a web browser plug-in, a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android), or with their laptop, desktop, or tablet using a video client such as Skype or Google Video Chat.

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based platform, which means users have no hardware or software to purchase or install. Multiparty conferences are possible with support of up to 25 endpoints per meeting. Whether used for board, committee, or project team meetings, Blue Jeans is a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use collaboration software solution.

Added Features to Keep Attendees Engaged

Audio-only calls make you wonder: what are people doing when you cannot see them? We are probably all guilty of multi-tasking while on the phone, whether that means driving, surfing the Internet, or catching up on emails. When it comes to business calls and project collaboration, however, it is especially important to keep the entire team engaged and on-task.

Online video conferencing encourages all users to contribute and participate actively. This also helps alleviate another common issue, which is when colleagues misread your tone or meaning during a phone call or throughout an email message. Working face-to-face enables you to gauge one another's reactions and adjust your delivery as needed. Similarly, Blue Jeans offers a screen-sharing tool, which allows presenters to share desktop content while simultaneously viewing their audience's reactions. By picking up on facial cues, you can ask for questions or suggestions along the way.

Another benefit of Blue Jeans is the ability to send text, links, or other content during a conference without interrupting it. This can increase both understanding and productivity along with side-bar conversations, commentary exchanges, and the ability to share synchronized video. This helps participants stay more actively engaged as the entire team works to suggest, develop, and expand ideas.

Enhanced Video and Audio Experience

All video trans coding is done in the Blue Jeans cloud, giving all users the best quality possible for their individual connections. This means you can experience high-definition video and document or file-sharing of up to 1080p depending on your computer and camera.

In addition, Blue Jeans is in partnership with InterCall, a worldwide leader in audio conferencing capabilities. In combination with Blue Jeans Network video, your company's audio and video conference experience will be hard to beat. Whether users connect from a mobile device, traditional phone line, or by using a Web browser plug-in, conferences remain fluid and high-quality. Blue Jeans is committed to addressing problems like echo-prone environments and low bandwidth situations by adding new enhancements to combat these issues and continually improving the overall audio and video experience.

Record Meetings

At some point in your video-conferencing future, you may need to record a meeting. Whether you want a copy for future reference or to share with a colleague who could not join the video conference, Blue Jeans makes it easy to record and re-watch. Recording capabilities include the video and audio as well as any content that was shared, such as images, documents, or links. The best part is, all Blue Jeans users receive Basic Recording. Enhanced Recording is available as an additional service, which provides you with online playback, unlimited storage, and more options for sharing.

We Make It Easy To Collaborate

With its cloud-based software, Blue Jeans is flexible and cross-compatible. You no longer need a physical, hardware multi point control unit (MCU), which is expensive and has strict capacity limits. With Blue Jeans, expanding a multiparty conference means simply adding licenses or virtual ports as you need them.

Along with hosting a large capacity, Blue Jeans also makes it simple to share content with others. Ideal for presentations and group projects, users can quickly send documents, images, and videos with others using their desktop or even their mobile device. Easily keep everyone up-to-date on your share of the project with shared spreadsheets and more.

Overall, good communication is essential for project success. Face-to-face interaction through video conferencing is proven to increase productivity and efficiency. Improved communication also encourages group-wide participation and involvement. With high quality audio and video, the ability to easily share content, and unbeatable accessibility, Blue Jeans is the answer to your collaboration software needs.