Hosting a Live Webcast

Host a live demo via webcast to engage with (and grow) your audience using BlueJeans live webcasting software.


The world should know when your business rolls out new products and services. It’s the culmination of hard work, collaboration and financial investment. You want the world to care as much as your team does; you want to see a strong ROI and connect with your audience on a personal level.

Hosting a live webcast is the best way to showcase your work to the world. Video webcasting from BlueJeans Primetime events allows your audience to tune in from anywhere in the world.

Live Webcasting Demos: Seeing Is Believing

Many people are visual learners, meaning that they’ll engage with and remember something they can see actually happen. Live webcasting services with BlueJeans Primetime events help your organization to convey the unique value of your product or knowledge; this can improve sales or establish your thought leadership.

There are a few different ways to utilize video conferencing for online webcasting. BlueJeans lets you schedule a webcast anytime for a few (or a few thousand) participants. Presenters can easily share HD video clips to everyone’s screens at the same time or demonstrate the product in real-time to clients watching.

Another route businesses can take is using BlueJeans onSocial to stream webcasts over Facebook Live. Leverage the power and reach of social media with a few easy clicks.

Customizable, Easy-to-Use Webcast Software

BlueJeans video conferencing services provides one-click video meetings, clear video calling, seamless live broadcasting and interactive webcasting. Online webcasting with BlueJeans is far from one-size-fits-all. Here’s what it lets you do:

- Seamlessly connect viewers using remote devices
- Provide commentary while the live webcast is in progress
- Customize the size of the video
- Get interactive (see reactions in real time, host Q&A sessions)
- View video demos without any media player
- Record live webcasts for cloud storage and future use

Take BlueJeans Webcasts for a Test Drive

See how video can help engage audiences and show off ideas in real time. Engage your audience and customers with rich, HD live demos using our suite of video conferencing products for holding video conferences, hosting live video meetings, and presenting online webcasts. Get a free trial today!