What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming allows audiences everywhere to watch and participate in live video events as they happen. BlueJeans live streaming supports multi-party broadcasting so attendees can actively participate during any BlueJeans live streaming event and reach thousands of users. BlueJeans live streaming allows individuals or organizations to manage their own virtual events with easy to facilitate moderator controls that connect clients, presenters, and fans - all within a shared, interactive environment. Attendees and presenters can join and participate remotely from their mobile devices, laptop computers, and conference room systems—enjoying BlueJeans’ signature interoperability and crystal clear Dolby Voice featured on The Dolby Conference Phone in surround sound.

Live Streaming Boosts Audience Engagement and Retention

Live Streaming Boosts Audience Engagement and Retention

Live streaming with BlueJeans takes your live video broadcast from a single presenter in a one location to the next level with dynamic multi-presenter, multi-location functionality. This real-time video communication translates into more viewers, and more in-depth, sustained and measurable interactivity: more likes, more comments and more shares. Reaching a larger audience for your live streaming events means increased engagement with your brand, product and content.

Whether you’re a corporation that utilizes video conferencing on a daily basis, a smaller agency that regularly meets with remote clients, a sports agent setting up press conferences, or an ambitious entrepreneur looking for professional tools without the investment of a production team, BlueJeans live streaming maximizes exposure by leveraging your content as an interactive opportunity and live video experience.

Authentic Connections That Grow Brand Visibility and Loyalty

How can you use BlueJeans? BlueJeans live streaming lets you broadcast live sporting events, press conferences, player Q & As, and breaking news, ensuring fans and stakeholders won’t miss a moment. Live streaming provides civic transparency to your community’s constituents for town hall meetings, public announcements, campaigns, and council meetings - on any device. Expand the reach of your school or institution’s graduations, presentations, student orientations, or online class meetings to students, faculty, alumni and parents.

Live Streaming Equals Virtually Limitless Attendance

Whether you are streaming a large conference or live panel discussion, or a smaller workshop or online meeting, BlueJeans live streaming assists in tailoring engagement of your audience, with easy to implement scalability. Viewers can join and participate on desktops, tablets or mobile devices, opening up events with attendance capacities. This is also beneficial on the contributor level; more people can participate on a panel without the added cost and time of actually being there. An intuitive moderator interface allows you to control BlueJeans features during any live streaming event. Polling and chat functionality are fully customizable so participants can ask questions or share comments and feedback in a facilitated environment. Live video stream remotely and engage from the comfort of your own environment.

Advanced Mobile Live Streaming Solutions

BlueJeans is an agile, cloud-based technology that enables high quality, live video streaming experiences without the expense and management of a more extensive production team. BlueJeans live streaming empowers enterprise on-the-go, whether broadcasting a training session, product launch or important announcement, and provides your audience with an immersive, signature experience. Feeling unsure about a high-stakes meeting, event, or announcement? Share your next live video streaming event confidently with BlueJeans’ Live Event Assist services, available before, during and after your event.

Leverage Exclusive Content

BlueJeans live streaming is an effective marketing tool both during and after your event. When your live streaming event concludes, recorded footage, comments, and other valuable data helps assess the success of your event that helps inform future events, and can be repurposed across your website and social channels. BlueJeans live streaming motivates and incentivizes viewer participation with the ability to provide exclusive access to content and even run contests that your audience won’t experience anywhere else.

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