Group Video Meetings

BlueJeans video conferencing is ideal for group, team, and project collaborations of all types. Host or join an online meeting with ease, enjoying the rapport and productivity that comes from meeting face-to-face. Screen share multimedia files or documents, give presentations, sign off on spreadsheets, and do so much more with BlueJeans. Let's point out the highlights!

Quick Access

BlueJeans connects users across laptops, desktops, conference rooms, and even mobile devices. Our cloud-based system requires no special hardware purchases or installation, and it offers multi-platform support. BlueJeans can replace or enhance your current hardware MCU set-up, allowing you to connect to an online meeting or web conference through H.323 room systems such as Cisco and Polycom. Remote workers, offices, or clients can then connect through video clients (including Skype and Google Video Chat), iOS or Android apps, or Web browsers on their own devices.

With such simple access available, you can host multiparty conferences with up to 25 endpoints per video meetings. This makes BlueJeans ideal for many situations, including group projects, intra-global teams, and committee meetings.

Simple to Use

BlueJeans is designed to work like an app: clean, familiar, and simple. To access BlueJeans, you simply need an Internet connection and a video-enabled device. Most laptops have built-in microphones and webcams, but you may need to purchase these for your desktop computer if you plan to use it to access BlueJeans. Making the transition to BlueJeans is easy with the numerous video tutorials and guides posted on our website. Learn how to quickly enter the meeting room, join the conference, or navigate the sharing tab. Other tutorials will guide you through the process of connecting to BlueJeans using a Web browser, a conference room's H.323 Room System, or a telephone (audio only).

Thanks to enhanced audio and video technologies, all users experience business-quality video. High-definition video and document sharing of up to 1080p is possible, depending on your equipment and connection.

Feature Highlight: Real-Time Video Sharing

With BlueJeans, any user can share content directly from their desktop or mobile device. Collaboration is simpler when everyone has the information and details they need, whether it comes in the form of a document, image, spreadsheet, or presentation. Utilizing a screen-sharing tool allows you to present your information while seeing your audience's reactions. You can collect feedback and ask or take questions as you go, which can help make your video meeting or webinar more productive and efficient.

In addition, users can upload and share a video that will play simultaneously across all meeting participants' devices. This is especially beneficial for colleagues, clients, and vendors who wish to be involved but cannot physically attend in person. With the video held in synchronous viewing, you can play, rewind, pause, and fast forward the video for all users. When you show a commercial, product demonstration, trailer, audition, or training video, you can receive immediate feedback and make quick decisions. You will have up to 50G of storage for videos, and you can purchase larger storage capacities if needed. Real-time video sharing can improve communication while boosting productivity, as participants are given the opportunity to engage actively throughout the process.

Additional Benefits

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from Blue Jeans video conferencing. In addition to group collaboration, it is an ideal platform for HR interviews, sales pitches, and smaller team or committee meetings. Regardless of the size of group, all users within the video conference will benefit from personal contact and enjoy the ability to quickly share content and resources.

If you are hosting an online meeting, inviting others is easy. A simple click-to-join email invitation will take users directly to the meeting room. Once there, keep your participants engaged with screen sharing. You can share items or a presentation from your desktop while still viewing your audience. Face-to-face contact will enable you to better gauge your viewers' reactions and gain feedback, which is a huge component of product development.

As a bonus, you can easily record and review your meetings with the free Basic Recording service Blue Jeans provides. The audio, video, and any shared content can all be saved for future use or sharing. For additional features such as unlimited storage and online playback, consider upgrading to Enhanced Recording.

Real-time, personal interaction boosts productivity, efficiency, and performance. Emails and audio-only calls may leave the person at the other end wondering about your tone or message, but connecting via video makes collaborating easier and clearer. Video conferencing will help ensure that everyone will receive all the information he or she needs, while keeping every group member engaged in the task at hand. To see how Blue Jeans can work for you, call today!