Enterprise Video Conferencing

Enterprise tools need to be flexible, scalable, and efficient. At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to provide our users with a reliable platform to conduct face to face meetings without the hassles or restraints of older video conferencing systems.


One of the trademark attributes that helps to set Blue Jeans apart from the competition is the ability to connect users to any number of alternative systems. Whether you're meeting with clients, customers, or colleagues in different offices, you can easily connect in a matter of seconds. All it takes it a simple browser based email invitation and meeting participants can join from their preferred platform like Cisco Jabber, Polycom Softphone, or Microsoft Lync. Participants can even connect through a personal mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, or a pre-established telepresence room system.

Enterprise Security

When it comes to protecting your business, we understand the importance of maintaining strict security standards to protect company data and information. The security standards at Blue Jeans Network ensure that all video conferences are protected by firewalls, data encryptions, and NAT traversals. For users that wish to increase their level of security, they can easily create temporary PINs and conference IDs to prevent any "buddy-information" from being shared throughout the meeting.

Meeting Control

In addition to our security measures, Blue Jean Network provides enterprise controls to ensure that meetings run smoothly and efficiently. Blue Jeans gives meeting organizers administrative control to select which participants they would like the invite to join, when to exclude users from the call, and the option to selectively mute new participants upon entry. Never worry about disorganization and lack of structure interrupting your video conferences again.

Ease of Adoption

With Blue Jeans, there's no need to purchase additional hardware or software systems for your devices. The beauty of a cloud-based platform is its ability to work with virtually any camera and internet enabled device. Blue Jeans provides businesses with an affordable and efficient communication system that's ready for instant deployment without any extra employee training.

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