Video Conferencing for Corporate Training

Online training using video calls can benefit new employees. One of the most important issues a corporate executive deals with is finding resourceful and productive ways to provide constant training and motivation to employees. Ongoing employee training and personal development programs not only offer employees a means for personal and professional growth, but it also equips team members with the skills and knowledge they need to make a business successful.

However, it can be difficult to maintain an ongoing corporate training program. The challenges are even greater when the workforce is distributed all over the country or around the world. In such cases, companies used to do either one of two things: have employees travel to a single location to participate in a general training session or have the trainers travel to conduct training in each of their remote offices. Neither option is viable today if companies want to save on expensive travel or avoid idle time during travel.

Fortunately, businesses have a way today to transform how they conduct company-wide training. Thanks to online video conferencing, company personnel can participate in training sessions in the comfort of their offices or homes. Online corporate training via cloud-based video conferencing allows a business to significantly reduce travel costs and increase productivity levels.

With Online Corporate Training, You Can:

  • Conduct training of new employees. For new hires, the first few weeks on the job are often very challenging. It is typical for companies to provide new employee training. With online corporate training, there is no need for either trainer or employees to travel in order to meet, which eliminates the stress and cost related to traveling. Using Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions to conduct training, a company has a stress-free, convenient and affordable way to bring new employees on board regardless of distance or location.
  • Provide ongoing training to employees. In a highly competitive and evolving business world, it is important to keep your employees learning on the job and help them stay knowledgeable about your business and their roles. When your employees' skills and knowledge are up to date, it helps your business adapt quickly to sudden and frequent changes in the industry and in the market. Online corporate training through Blue Jeans video conferencing gives businesses the capability to respond to such changes immediately by providing a unified solution to connect to all of their employees in different locations.
  • Keep employee morale high. There is nothing more valuable to a business than having a motivated and engaged workforce. However, in a tough economy, employee morale and motivation can drop. At these times, companies can use training sessions to inspire and motivate employees to stay on task and improve their performance. But you don't want to aggravate employees' low morale by using inconvenient training methods. Online video conferencing is easy and can be done anywhere. Blue Jeans also allow the use of different devices so you can communicate with your people immediately.
  • Put together a training video archive. Blue Jeans video conferencing solution has a recording feature that allows training sessions to be recorded so they can be used by other people later. This is helpful when you need to retrain employees, when trainers cannot conduct the training in person and when you have teams working during different time zones.

In order to keep a business running smoothly, it is a must to keep employees informed on company policies and give them adequate training to help them fulfill their jobs. Online corporate training with video conferencing technology is a flexible and cost-efficient solution that all businesses should take advantage of.

Using Blue Jeans for Online Corporate Training

Our solutions extend high-quality video communications beyond the limitations of traditional conference room systems.

  • We don't care what system you have. We're compatible with most enterprise and consumer video conferencing vendors. Remote employees can attend trainings using their preferred device.
  • We are easy. Sharing content is necessary during training. Blue Jeans lets all participants experience rich content sharing of different types of content from Word documents and spreadsheets to slides and videos in HD-quality detail.
  • We let you share. Sharing content is necessary during training. Blue Jeans lets all participants experience rich content sharing of different types of content from Word documents and spreadsheets to slides and videos in HD-quality detail.
  • We are simple. To use our cloud-based video conferencing solutions, there's no need for expensive hardware or software and difficult technical setups. Start your training using a video conferencing device of your choice and wait for employees to join your meeting from their remote locations, and we'll handle the rest.
  • We are secure and scalable. Train up to 25 people wherever you or they may be. Our solutions come with business-level security, so you can conduct trainings with confidence across multiple endpoints.

Give your organization access to effective training without wasting time and straining resources. Reach your corporate training goals with Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions.