Video Calling and Collaboration Apps

Mobile video conferencing is made simple with the BlueJeans video calling app. You can easily join or host online meetings wherever you are with up to 25 participants. This fully-supported, easy-to-use app links your smartphone or tablet to conference rooms, not just other phones. Learn more about the benefits of BlueJeans below, then call us to get connected.


The Blue Jeans app is available for both iOS and Android for use on smartphones and tablets. Blue Jeans collaboration software is a cloud-based service, which means you do not need to purchase and install any hardware or software. This also means it is interoperable, capable of running on nearly any device. Desktop and laptop users can connect to a Blue Jeans meeting through video clients such as Skype and Google Voice Chat. Blue Jeans also offers plug-ins for the major Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Finally, anyone in a traditional conference room can access the meeting using programs such as Polycom and Cisco.

Blue Jeans serves as a bridge for in-office conference rooms and any remote participants. With group video meetings at work transmitted to remote offices or workers, everyone can be kept up-to-date on pertinent information and decisions. Blue Jeans lets you collaborate with colleagues and clients anywhere, enjoying business-quality video and audio no matter your network.

With the Blue Jeans video collaboration apps, you can use your smartphone or tablet to video conference with other mobile devices, web browsers, other software-based video clients, H.323/SIP Room and TelePresence systems, and more. Many companies have utilized the ability to unite the Lync and non-Lync users within their system.

Join or Host From Your Phone

The Blue Jeans app can connect via 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, so users can join or host a meeting from almost anywhere. As a cloud-based system, Blue Jeans trans codes all video within the cloud. This gives all users a high-quality video experience, up to 1080p depending on their computer and camera equipment. In addition, audio enhancements and customizable options help to prevent echo and combat low bandwidth environments.

Thanks to the app's clean interface, you can easily invite colleagues or clients to a meeting with an easy click-to-join email invite. Similarly, if your office's conference room is hosting a meeting but you are away, the app makes it is easy to check in with everyone, see progress, and share content directly from your mobile device. Whether your co-workers are connecting via tablet, laptop, or desktop, you can all experience seamless video conferencing and collaborating.

Easy to Use Features

Simple controls built into the Blue Jeans app allow you to customize and control your experience. You can access the front and rear facing cameras of your device, use the pinch-to-zoom feature, and temporarily mute the audio if necessary. In addition, hosts can change the video's layout and view a list of participants. Videos are shared in real-time, streaming simultaneously for all users across their devices.

With video conferencing, any user can speak and participate, but with Blue Jeans, they can also send documents and other content to everyone. This is especially useful for product pitches, group projects, status reports, and more. As a bonus, any Blue Jeans app user can share items with others directly from the mobile device. In addition to videos, you can send images, presentations, and spreadsheets. Every meeting participant can contribute and stay active, adding to your team's efficiency and overall productivity.

If you decide to host a meeting from your phone, the Blue Jeans app makes things easy with schedule integration. The app can sync directly with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, with reminders to help you keep your schedule on track.

Reliability and Affordability

The first few moments of a meeting can set the tone for the entire session. If you are regularly wasting time setting up equipment or trouble-shooting your settings, switching to Blue Jeans could be the answer to your video conferencing needs. Simple controls, customizable options, and a reliable overall service let users join a meeting without worrying about whether or not their connection will work. This is just as true for in-office participants as those joining via a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Blue Jeans is cost-effective and easy to use, and it can either replace or enhance your current multi point control unit (MCU) set-up. Dedicated system rooms require regular, expensive maintenance and have limitations in terms of capacity, but Blue Jeans does not. Using a cloud-based system means simply adding additional virtual ports or licenses when you are ready to expand instead of costly hardware upgrades and expansions

You have the potential to reach co-workers and clients from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. With its easy-to-use interface, added features, and high-quality video experience, the Blue Jeans app makes it simple to get connected and start collaborating