BlueJeans: Face-to-Face Chat Video for Better Campus Connectivity

Navigating an educator’s daily routine can be daunting. From lesson plan preparation, creating course materials, presenting lectures, to meeting one-on-one with students, time management and the ability to maximize your time is essential. Similarly, students are juggling dizzying schedules: multiple classes, studying, jobs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Campus staff work hard to ensure that operations run smoothly, particularly when it comes to the current systems in place and the daily events that necessitate online meetings. 
BlueJeans: Face-to-Face Chat Video for Better Campus Connectivity

Chat Video Conferencing Promotes Easy Communication 

What do all of these higher education constituencies have in common? Campuses are sites of innovation and advancement that require flexible, effective and reliable resources that enhance students’ learning experiences, support opportunities for professional development, and technological tools. BlueJeans group video chat is designed precisely with the kinds of dynamic features and optimal functionality across video conferencing systems that educational environments depend on. Discover why BlueJeans is the ideal platform for education!

Schedule All-Hands Meetings with Colleagues

No need to spend valuable time walking across campus to a fellow instructor’s office or classroom to ask a question. With BlueJeans, you can quickly and easily connect with colleagues through a group video chat with a BlueJeans-supported video call from anywhere on campus.  

Hold Virtual Office Hours

An alternative to on-site office hours, using BlueJeans chat video frees you from having to hold office hours on campus, saving valuable time and allowing for more flexibility in both faculty and students’ busy schedules. 

Conduct Classes or Lectures Remotely

Are you in distance education, or need to hold class despite inclement weather? Host an interactive chat video webinar, give an online presentation and easily screen share your lecture slides and related class material—including online content— in a group video chat with your students no matter the obstacles. 

Expand and Improve Recruiting Strategies 

Are you spending time and money traveling for recruitment meetings when you could be connecting with prospective candidates virtually? BlueJeans video chats make distance recruiting possible by expanding your abilities to interview remotely – and the best candidates and talent are just a chat video away.

Seamless Integration with Canvas LMS 

BlueJeans is optimized for use within the Canvas Learning Management System so that educators, students, and administrators alike can schedule and join meetings, record and replay meetings, and host recurring and moderated chat video meetings. All of these essential functions can be performed directly from within the Canvas environment that you already use. 

BlueJeans: The Preferred Choice of Higher Learning 

Adam Nemeroff, Instructional Designer at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, NH praises the ease with which he can video chat with an especially handy BlueJeans feature: his own personalized, permanent link that can be shared with whomever he wants to connect with. “I can send to a colleague at a moment’s notice and then I just click and select the option to enter my meeting. I never give instructions on how to use it or set it up. It works surprisingly well with many browsers with little to no add-ons installed.”

He compares the degree of simplicity to other face-to-face video chat options like Skype and Google Hangouts—but relies exclusively on the BlueJeans platform for his video conferencing needs. In an interview on Dartmouth’s Information Technology Services website, Nemeroff explains why he uses BlueJeans video conferencing: “My primary need was a space where I could easily add collaborators with minimal plugins or other pre-work before our video meetings.” Among other key BlueJeans features, Nemeroff notes the audio and video quality. “I’m a huge fan. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.”

Facilitating Technological Advancement In All Departments

Video conferencing is applicable to every field of study. In 2016, Penn State University conducted a campus-wide survey through user trials, asking the PSU community to test BlueJeans for all of their group video chat, webinar, and online meeting needs. Based on feedback from faculty, staff, and students, Penn State decided to deploy BlueJeans as their go-to campus video call and conferencing solution. The deployment across the Penn State campus, particularly where you might least expect it, has proven invaluable for educational and professional development purposes. At the Penn State Digital English Studio, students are practicing and honing their interviewing skills exclusively through BlueJeans video chat. Teachers here are using portable devices to control their visual presentations and video, shifting the traditional lecture model away from students facing an instructor stationed in front of them. Noting that academia continues to be driven by technological innovation, the studio’s Leslie Maneer points to the importance of professional equipment like BlueJeans video conferencing being made available to students. "This enables expert-quality recordings, like video chats, interviews, podcasts and more.”