Business video technology has long suffered from a glacial pace of development. However, in the last few years we have experienced a burst of evolution. A fortunate convergence of hardware advances, software developments, bandwidth availability, and cultural acceptance has changed everything. The very way we use and think about video has been turned on its head.

New global research shows that 85% of employees are already using video in the workplace and 72% believe that video will transform the way they communicate at work. Meaning that having a comprehensive platform built for today’s globally distributed workforce has never been more critical.

With a platform so critical, how do you overcome the challenges traditionally faced by CIOs when trying to adopt a video-first culture? Obstacles like steep learning curves that inhibit adoption, or multiple video architectures that increase complexity. Or how about cost escalation making investments difficult to stay on top of, and insufficient security, management and analytics?

Welcome to the Enterprise Video Cloud

Today, BlueJeans unveiled the Enterprise Video Cloud, a set of services and extensible architecture that enables a video culture across colleagues, partners and customers. What does that look like? Watch this short video and see.


The interface is user-friendly with an attractive consumer-like appearance, and the technology has the full enterprise-ready feature set, with the security and IT tools that distinguish it from competitive solutions that are limited to SMB applications.

Okay, but what does that mean?

It means that consumer-like video experiences that people love are now met with the enterprise-grade features that IT need.

  • -Incorporate video into existing workflows to quickly grow culture, efficiency and effectiveness across your workforce.
  • -Manage, secure, and customize your video communication deployment to address real-time video needs from small meetings to large events.
  • -Accelerate adoption and ensure a video-first culture with less time needed for end user training and support. 

"BlueJeans has pushed business video from its locked down, product-based past, into the application and workflow-based future of ubiquitous face-to-face communications."
-David Maldow, Founder and CEO of Let's Do Video in a new whitepaper, The Enterprise Video Cloud: How Business Video is Evolving.

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