Video conferencing has finally taken its rightful place as a core communication tool within the enterprise. For most companies, usage is growing, dependency on video is growing, and user expectations are growing. Consequently, the importance of pro-actively monitoring the video communications environment has also grown. Unfortunately, the specific information and insight that IT needs to manage their video environment is often hard to come by. In some cases, the required information is not available from video communication providers or from the on-premise systems. And often the available information is split across many different systems and is hard to understand, requiring specially trained staff.

As a result, many organizations are flying blind when it comes to monitoring and managing their video conferencing environment. And their support staff are unable to answer fundamental questions such on why video calls are failing and having issues.

To learn more, please join us on March 31st at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET for Don't Fly Blind: How to Get Value from Visibility into your Video Communications. In this web seminar, leading industry analyst Ira Weinstein of Wainhouse Research and the BlueJeans team will provide information and insight into the following:

• The importance and need for detailed call information and metrics
• Examples of common video conferencing support challenges within the enterprise
• Demonstrations of how real-time access to key information can help solve those issues

If you're responsible for video communications and user complaints and you're lacking defensible answers, then you don't want to miss this web seminar.

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