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BlueJeans with Dolby Voice®

Communicate more clearly in every video meeting with
Dolby Voice.


Better audio. Better meetings.

Dolby Voice audio eliminates many traditional conferencing frustrations to elevate the meeting experience and enhance productivity.

  • Clear Audio

    Suppresses background noises, maintains consistent voice volumes, and makes dialogue easier to understand.

  • Better Comprehension

    Spatial audio presents voices from their distinct locations. Just like being in the room—making discussions easier to follow.

  • Natural Conversation

    Everyone is heard, even when speakers overlap, so participation is easier, dialogue flows without delays and work gets done.

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby® Conference Phone

A premium meeting room experience. BlueJeans Rooms coupled with the Dolby Conference Phone is the ideal video solution for any space. Make every meeting space easier to setup, control and manage by putting the Dolby Conference Phone in any BlueJeans Room. Click the button below to inquire about the Dolby Conference Phone options.

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Unparalleled audio for meeting rooms

The Dolby Conference Phone brings 360 degree, long-range audio capture. Experience premium sound, even in larger rooms. No ceiling wiring or multi-mic setup required.

meeting room control

The Dolby Conference Phone lets you do it all: start, join, and manage the meeting; and share content wirelessly from anywhere in the room. No more fumbling with remotes or dongles.

Easy to deploy and manage

A single compact device for room audio, meeting management, and IP phone calls, the Dolby Conference Phone reduces clutter and simplifies management.

Call us at 877.489.7647 to get started and ask about BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone.
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BlueJeans has been an essential to the way our team collaborates. We picked BlueJeans because of their vision for the role that video meetings play in the productivity of teams and we’re excited for what this new integration will mean for our interactions company-wide.

- Joel Anderson, VP IT at MongoDB