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BlueJeans Rooms with <br>Dolby Voice®</br>

Clear the clutter with an award-winning conference room and huddle space experience.

The Future of Work is Now

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice delivers an unmatched meeting room system experience. With a differentiated suite of room system offerings that include intelligent video, world-class audio, and enterprise-grade manageability, BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice not only enables meetings to start on time, but drives productivity unlike any other room system on the market.

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice®


Dolby Voice Room

This premier, converged meeting room solution delivers purpose-built, Dolby-designed hardware components, including a 4K Ultra HD camera, Dolby Voice Hub connected appliance, and Dolby Conference Phone, that are married seamlessly with BlueJeans’ visionary room management controls.

DVR HD.svg

Dolby Conference Phone + HD Video

BlueJeans Rooms seamlessly integrate with the Dolby Conference Phone and your preferred video components to turn any huddle space into a high-performance video conferencing room. This solution delivers HD video, crystal-clear audio, and complete meeting controls to make video meetings highly productive.


Dolby Conference Phone

By pairing BlueJeans Rooms with the Dolby Conference Phone, organizations can deliver 360-degree, long-range audio capture, one-touch join simplicity, and zero clutter to every conference room to dramatically improve the room system experience of traditional web and audio conferencing.

Illumina Customer Story

Illumina, the world-leader in genetic sequencing, uses BlueJeans and Dolby to help their employees drive the latest scientific innovation. Learn how Illumina embraces the DNA of their innovative, collaborative culture with BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice.



Our integrated Dolby Voice Room solution is delivered as a service for greater purchasing flexibility. This hassle-free subscription reduces much of the overhead that is traditionally associated with hardware purchasing.