When you think of the type of company who uses video conferencing to interact with its customers– what does that company look like? Do they wear ties and button-down shirts? How about jeans and flip flops? What if I told you one such company wears aprons and oven mitts?

The use of video conferencing is traditionally thought of as a tool for the enterprise space.  More established brands and the corporate elite have conventionally been the ones to take advantage of video conferencing because they’re the ones who could afford it.  However, in rebellious Blue Jeans fashion, we're turning that model on its head.  Well, more like on its stomach. 

Enter Dishup Today, a small, up and coming start-up, on a mission to help aspiring cooks learn how to cook right from the comfort of their own kitchens.  My definition of cooking is putting hamburgers on the bbq.  But there are those who want to truly learn the fine art of cooking; they search online for tutorials of how to make their favorite dish or maybe even record an episode of their favorite Food Network star.  But let’s face it- no one is in the kitchen to guide you through the process.  For the more intrepid types, they go to a culinary institute or take a class at a local college.  But that can be an expensive option that entails laboriously driving to your destination.  Who wants to do that, when you can do that all from home? 


On Dishup Today, users simply register, find a class they like at a convenient time, gather their ingredients, and attend the class from home.  Unlike learning from a book or tutorial, the classes are highly interactive and taught live, one-on-one by an experienced instructor.  And ‘Bam!’ before you know it, you’re on your way to becoming the next Emeril Lagasse.   

The quest to cook doesn’t have to be expensive or intensive, much like utilizing video conferencing for any size business.  Budding start-ups readily face the monetary challenges of getting off the ground, but Blue Jeans provides a simple, inexpensive solution that is both economical and practical for the Dishup Today audience.  By bringing the instructors to the students, Blue Jeans has built a new business model of the remote cooking class and has made the experience of learning how to cook, easy and painless. 

Check out the video.  You’ll see that the proof is in the pudding.