Demystifying Video Conferencing Terminology

By Lindsey Westbrook
Robb Woods, BlueJeans director of business value and solution strategy, spends his days working with large organizations to first understand their goals, objectives, pain points, and challenges, and then develop a BlueJeans video conferencing strategy roadmap for the path forward. Through this consulting, he helps the client understand how video conferencing and video calls can enhance their business in all sorts of ways, and specifically what BlueJeans offers. He’s fully engaged in helping the client determine the suitability of BlueJeans video conferences and the expected return on investment.

Demystifying Video Conferencing Terminology

How can video calling or video conferences enhance your corporate culture? He’d be hard pressed to name an organization that wouldn’t benefit from BlueJeans video conferencing. “I don’t sit down with a potential client and do a side-by-side comparison of BlueJeans versus WebEx or Zoom or Cisco because BlueJeans is not a replacement for WebEx or Zoom or Cisco. We offer a broader portfolio of services, solutions, and features.” In other words, he is selling a product, sure, but at the end of the day it’s actually an enhancement of the client’s business. 

Offering Insight, Oversight

BlueJeans, he emphasizes, is an end-to-end solution. It’s video conferencing, yes, but far more than that. “We provide different solution for different scenarios. You could focus on desktop or smartphone usage; or Huddle, which is our conference room solution; or onSocial and Primetime, which are about bigger meetings and events; or executive reach-out. We offer insight, oversight."
“Are you looking to quantify usage across your organization? Our Command Center gives you that, and our developers have worked extremely closely with the clients to make it useful, from broad overviews—how many video conferences did we facilitate in the last year? connecting how many countries?—to super-granular—as in, show me a minute-by-minute chart of the jitter for Jane Smith’s video call yesterday with Bangalore."

Video Conferencing: Let’s Start Talking

Woods has also spent a lot of time mulling over the differences between what clients think they want and what they actually want. “If I were to walk into my local coffee shop wearing a BlueJeans T-shirt and someone asked me about it, I wouldn’t say that it’s the world leader in cloud video conferencing, even though that’s the best and most accurate description. They would give me a blank stare! Instead I’ll lead with what’ll register: ‘It’s the best meetings platform in the world!’ and I guarantee you we’ll start talking.”
The reality is, he observes, that there’s no longer any difference between a “web conferencing” service versus a “video conferencing” service. Someone searching for “video calling” or “video conference calling” may not be thinking ahead to features like screen sharing or social media broadcasting that they might also want. “I’m actually pretty weary of the term ‘video conference,’” Woods says, “but the reality is that that’s what 99 percent of our future clients are using to look for us. Our job is to get them thinking about the meeting, the communication. For me and for BlueJeans, it’s all about the means by which communication happens.”

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