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Easy, Face-to-Face B2B Connections with Blue Jeans Network

Making Business Happen Over Video

Unigene Laboratories is a leader in the design, delivery, manufacturing, and development of peptide-based therapeutics.  It has the most clinically advanced and well validated oral peptide delivery technology platform. 

Involved in such important areas as morbid obesity and Type 2 diabetes, Unigene is used to building life changing solutions quickly and efficiently with partners across the globe.

To deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner, Unigene’s business development team meets with big pharmaceutical customers and potential clients on a regular basis.  Many of those customers have high-end Tandberg and Polycom conference room systems.

Instead of long conversations on firewall configurations and the interoperability of the various systems, Unigene uses Blue Jeans Network to connect the local teams on their desktop clients with geographically dispersed partners on their high end room systems.  Unigene also uses Blue Jeans Network for its Board of Director meetings when members can’t join in person. 

Blue Jeans Network provides the highest quality solutions at minimal cost with the ability to expand usage as the needs of the company expand.
Ron Calderone, Executive Director of Information Services
& Management Solutions

Choosing Blue Jeans Over Other Vendors

After testing other solutions, the team felt Blue Jeans Network delivered the best solution to meet Unigene’s business needs. Benefits discovered include:

  • Ease of use: easy to set up and manage video conferencing sessions including no hardware or software to download
  • Management features: administrator and moderator capabilities including the ability to see how others in the session are connected, the strength of their connection, and the ability to control the video conferencing sessions like muting speakers and changing various layouts of the video view
  • Security & reliability: connections that are always-on with security enhancements like default encryption on all standard video signaling protocols and optional password settings
  • Interoperability: support of many video conferencing products (Lync, Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, Panasonic and Aver) with dial-in sessions and PSTN included.
  • Outstanding support: 24 X7 Technical support that are friendly and helpful
  • New feature updates: on-going release cycles that provide new user and interoperability features (from Lync interoperability to Outlook integration)

Unigene can envision future use cases with Blue Jeans including larger virtual meetings like Shareholder meetings or Company-wide Town Hall meetings.

To date, we are very pleased with the quality of the service, the ease of use of the product, the support provided by the technical team, the fact that no hardware or software needs to be installed by users of the system, and the continual advancement in the product

Business situation:

Unigene Laboratories looked at the landscape of video solutions to find a high-quality, value-based video solution that would connect desktop workers with partner room systems in real-time.


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Through Blue Jeans Network’s cloud-based service, Unigene enabled its users to start video calls with global partners without any hardware or software downloads.

From Board of Director meetings to business development partnerships, Unigene is finding new use cases for the Blue Jeans technology every day.