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Excellent Care Comes from Quality Collaboration

Improved Knowledge Transfer Speeds Time to Market

Sarnova, one of the largest distributors of healthcare products across all facets of care, supplies over 100,000 medical products to thousands of national emergency care providers, hospitals, advanced patient-care facilities, schools/universities, businesses and federal government agencies. With four business units each focused on a different segment of the healthcare market, Sarnova faced challenges in maintaining timely and cost-effective communications with their sales teams, suppliers and customers.

As a company that prides itself on a team of highly specialized medical sales people, training is critical to Sarnova’s success. Prior to Blue Jeans, Sarnova spent thousands of dollars each month traveling to manufacturer and customer training sessions. Each time a new product enters the market, the manufacturer must not only train Sarnova’s sales teams, but the sales team must then pass along that knowledge to their customers. It’s a rapid cycle that keeps all facets of the business working hard to ensure the highest quality care is being provided to patients throughout the healthcare industry.

Blue Jeans had an immediate positive effect on our productivity. It’s ease-of-use helps us get users on board quickly and our suppliers and customers appreciate the fact we are able to get products out to market faster, and more effectively.
Tim Rubert, VP Sales & Business Development,Sarnova

Choosing Blue Jeans Over Other Vendors

The introduction of Blue Jeans, as a real-time, face-to-face collaboration tool has had an immediate impact on communications for all parties involved. An obvious and cost-justified benefit was the instant reduction of travel expenses and time for the marketing teams. Blue Jeans has also been beneficial to Sarnova’s relationships with suppliers and customers. As part of the Blue Jeans deployment, Sarnova now hosts video meetings with suppliers and customers for product updates, in-service training and improved customer service. Using Blue Jeans, Sarnova personnel are able to meet with suppliers and customers more quickly than traveling to them. Suppliers are also pleased with experience as new products are communicated to customers more quickly and efficiently.

Prior to Blue Jeans, Sarnova had not invested in multipoint video conferencing technology. Cost and complexity were a perceived issue, but with Blue Jeans, all anyone needs is a browser or mobile device to host or join a video meeting. Even the executives have bought into Blue Jeans, which has proved critical to adoption of the service.

Blue Jeans’ video collaboration service supports the broadest range of video platforms on the market, giving Sarnova a scalable foundation upon which to make cost savings and productivity improvements while continuing to invest in quality relationships with suppliers and customers.

Sarnova use cases for Blue Jeans:

  • Internal executive meetings
  • Product trainings
  • Business reviews with suppliers
  • Product demonstrations to new customers
Blue Jeans has brought a new level of face-to-face collaboration to our business, enriching the relationships that are critical to our success.
Jeff Prestel, President, Sarnova

Business situation:

Sarnova is a leading medical device distributor that runs four major business units that represent over 100,000 medical products from over 1,000 different manufacturers. With a team of over 150 sales reps dispersed across the country, and a vast partner network, Sarnova was looking for a way to optimize the sales process while giving their customers and suppliers more effective means to exchange information and ideas.


The Blue Jeans service provided Sarnova a new way to engage with suppliers and customers while also improving day to day communications amongst their internal teams.



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