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Collaboration That Fits Their DNA


The BlueJeans service is a big step forward in simplifying our commitment to provide an easy and open collaborative environment for our employees across the globe.
Ashley Azzopardi, Principal Advanced Communications Engineer

As a rapidly growing company with more than 6,000 employees across the globe, Red Hat invests in various communications solutions to help their teams stay connected and engaged, including, traditional video conferencing room systems, web conferencing services and a Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing service.

Red Hat was intrigued when they heard about the BlueJeans service. A leader in open cloud technologies, Red Hat bought into the BlueJeans premise that meetings should be easy, accessible and interoperable -- it shouldn't matter how people connect but that they can, from anywhere, with any technology, including those they already had in place. Red Hat also liked the fact that as a cloud solution there was no risk or long-term commitment to get started with BlueJeans.

With BlueJeans a meeting is just a meeting. Users simply schedule a meeting -- not an audio conference, web conference or video meeting. With BlueJeans it all comes together under one platform, and best of all, everyone is happy!
Ashley Azzopardi, Principal Advanced Communications Engineer


With a freedom-minded culture and open source values, Red Hat employees are given the green light to use technologies that they choose to enable collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers. With hundreds of solutions available on the market, Red Hat's IT organization supports a wide variety of collaboration tools. With so many tools in use, Red Hat's IT team struggled with supporting their growing user base and providing users with a dependable solution that worked across different platforms while providing the high-quality face-to-face experience users desired.


Red Hat's collaboration strategy has improved significantly since moving to BlueJeans. BlueJeans and Red Hat worked together to ensure that BlueJeans worked seamlessly with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which has not only benefited Red Hat, but also helped BlueJeans ensure a quality experience for any user on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. BlueJeans' intuitive, unified interface means users are less intimidated to schedule, host and join meetings on their own. Having users on a single platform also makes it easier for Red Hat IT to support and troubleshoot issues, and BlueJeans' support of a broad range of platforms, including the open standard SIP and standard web browsers, was important to Red Hat. The BlueJeans web browser option has improved the experience for users connecting from the desktop, so much so, that Red Hat has seen a drop in the use of consumer-based video applications. BlueJeans brings everything together and fits the Red Hat culture. It's a win-win for everyone!

Red Hat use cases for BlueJeans

  • Weekly IT Staff Meetings
  • Developer Team Meetings
  • Weekly Sales Team Meetings & Forcast Calls
  • Reduced Travel to Offsite Team Meetings
  • Increase Reach and Utlization of Video Systems





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