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Video Collaboration Powers Communication for Utility Industry Leader

Putting International Teams in One Room

Opower is the market leader in customer engagement for the utility industry. Their solution provides individualized Home Energy Reports to analyze usage and makes recommendations on how to save energy. Opower’s energy reports currently reach 2 million homes, including those in North America, Europe and Asia. With offices in San Francisco, Virginia and London, Opower plans to continue to expand its footprint across the globe.

To pave the way for growth Opower was looking for a way to simplify their recruiting efforts for their remote locations. Flying in candidates was costly and ineffective and other video solutions tested proved to be inadequate, due to poor video quality and the inability to interoperate with other video platforms. When Opower found Blue Jeans, the quality of the calls vastly improved and they were able to hire at a higher rate due to increased time savings.

Video conferencing isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ in business anymore. It is a must. More people have it and businesses are moving toward it.
Scott Schreiber, Director of IT

Blue Jeans became such a success for the recruiting team that it quickly spread to other departments and became an invaluable means for effective collaboration between remote teams. Using Blue Jeans, US-based offices were able to easily make use of existing video conferencing hardware. By extending the reach of their current infrastructure, Blue Jeans became the catchall for communication; team members could dial in via room systems, while customers, prospects and the UK team were able to connect by whatever means was most convenient.

Most notably, the UK team was able to actively participate and engage in weekly meetings. The face-to-face interaction has had a tremendous impact in minimizing the feeling of distance. The feeling of being more connected will play a pivotal role as Opower continues to expand. With plans to add offices in Australia and Japan markets, Opower considers Blue Jeans to be instrumental in that undertaking.

People don’t want to use a conference call anymore. It’s a new way of doing business and our remote team now feels connected. It makes a huge impact when you can see someone versus being on the phone with them.
Scott Schreiber, Director of IT

About Opower

With 75 utility partners, Opower is the market leader in customer engagement for the utility industry. Their solutions have deployed to millions of homes across North America, Europe and Asia.


Business situation:

Opower’s global expansion has increased the complexity of opening a line of communication between the remote offices and their colleagues. In addition, The growing recruiting cost spent mostly on travel was a significant impact to their bottom line.

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Blue Jeans has expanded the use of Opower’s current video infrastructure and added an affordable and scalable way for their remote teams to communicate and recruit employees more efficiently.


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