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Nazareth Care is a not-for-profit provider of aged care services in Australia and New Zealand. The organisation is dedicated to providing quality care, comfort and companionship in a supportive environment for people with age related needs.

The overarching ministry of the Sisters of Nazareth has existed for over 150 years in various countries, including six different locations across Australia and New Zealand.

The central focus for Nazareth Care staff is to provide support for assisted living, uphold the dignity and sanctity of human life and provide specialised dementia care services for their patients.


Nazareth’s aged care facilities are spread across a variety of isolated locations in Australia and New Zealand. Staff travel between interstate and international care centres was fast becoming a major cost for the not-for-profit.

Nazareth’s existing conferencing technology was complex and impractical as streamlining between the care centres was impractical.

As a result, the need for reliable and versatile video communications tool to address the challenges of high travel cost associated with inter-state staff meetings was sought.


With the implementation of BlueJeans, Nazareth Care anticipates that over time travel costs will reduce by around 30 per cent. There has already been an immediate increase in organisational efficiency, collaboration, and ease of information sharing.

Video meetings ensure a tool to effectively discuss and collaborate in real-time, which has undoubtedly improved inter-facility communication and information sharing, and facilitated wider input into decision making.

BlueJeans has been so successful, it has now been implemented into all six aged-care facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

Now that we have the ability to be able to use mobile phones, laptops and portable devices, it has given us more flexibility to communicate between employees and do what we need to do.
Warren Leo,Corporate Services Manager,
Nazareth House





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