Providing Video and Audio to Employees and Executives Worldwide


Mphasis is a leading Information Technology (IT) solutions provider, offering Applications, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Infrastructure services globally through a combination of technology know how, domain and process expertise.

Based in Bangalore, India, the company is majority-owned by Hewlett-Packard. It serves key clients in the insurance, financial services, telecom, logistics and technology industries. Mphasis has over 35,000 employees and was ranked No. 7 among Indian IT companies by Fortune India in 2011. The company has a global presence across the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as throughout India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia.


As a leading IT solutions provider, Mphasis is constantly looking for ways to sustain and improve existing processes. The company has over twenty video conferencing rooms and more of such rooms would be in need for upcoming projects. Mphasis started sourcing for an integrated solutions provider that could help alleviate some interoperability issues they faced and streamline the maintenance of the number of video conferencing rooms. At every C-level video conference with external customers and partners, a team from the IT Department had to set up and prepare for the meeting. Not only was this costly, it drains time and other resources from the team.

Mphasis needed a solution that would make video conferences pervasive, hassle-free and cost effective, one that could integrate seamlessly into their environment. They evaluated multiple services available in the market but only one of these met Mphasis' stringent requirements and quality expectations due to installation challenges or interoperability issues.

The BlueJeans Solution

Mphasis purchased BlueJeans from InterCall, a leading provider of global cloud-based unified communications services, and deployed the service with Global Network Access so it could seamlessly be used for daily video and audio meetings.

As a scalable service with features such as multi-vendor interoperability, multi-party meetings, mobile and browser capabilities and rich content sharing, BlueJeans was the only solution that worked across and complemented all of Mphasis' devices, platforms and installations in their video conferencing rooms.

In addition, Mphasis' new logo and branding were incorporated into the BlueJeans interface, leading to a greater user connection and satisfaction with the solution among the organisation's leadership.

The deployment of BlueJeans led to a manifold increase in usage of video conferencing. Mphasis' employees were able to reach out to clients, partners and vendors across the globe effortlessly and economically. The leadership team of Mphasis now hosts all their meetings using BlueJeans. Activities such as training, town halls and nationwide sales team meetings are now conducted using the video conferencing facility, too. In the first six months, Mphasis held over 860 video meetings which totals 138,150 in minutes.

As a next step, InterCall is working with Mphasis to integrate InterCall's Reservationless-Plus® with BlueJeans. This will help users join video meetings from their mobile phones or landline, a feature vastly helpful for travelling employees and those without the bandwidth or device to join in via video.






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