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Linaro Benefits with Blue Jeans Versatility and Reliability

About Linaro

The team at Linaro is striving to build the future of Linux running on ARM processors by collaborating with engineers from its member companies.

Linaro's mission is to bring together the electronics industry and the open source community to work on key projects, deliver great tools, reduce industry wide fragmentation, and provide common software foundations for all.

It was an absolute joy to work with Blue Jeans. I’ve become a power user, converting many of my previous conversations over audio or other video services to Blue Jeans meetings. Similar to having an open door to an office—if someone wants to have a quick chat, they can do so from anywhere.
Mike Levine, Director of Global Talent

Why Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans provided Linaro inherent value with a number of its key features. Linaro has seen more reliable service in locations around the globe compared to other video services, providing genuine global accessibility and allowing Linaro to connect users across both office locations and home offices in 27 countries. The ability to hold meetings with up to 100 people is a key benefit.

Linaro are now realizing the benefits of global face-to-face communication, via a professional and seamless experience, with branded user interface, in everything from internal training to partner interactions and job candidate interviews.


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