Les Mills International is the largest provider of choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes distributed to health clubs around the world.

The New Zealand based company is used in more than 15,000 gyms and health clubs, in 75 countries, with an estimated 90,000 instructors worldwide and an estimated 6 million participants attending a Les Mills class each week.

To keep this internationally renowned fitness company running at full speed, it has 350 staff across 26 offices around the world. Les Mills is a uniquely positioned business, although it was founded in New Zealand only about 0.1% of revenue is generated at home. This means that Les Mills needs a comprehensive communication platform that caters to the various demands of such a disparate enterprise.


The challenge for Les Mills is self-evident when you consider the scale at which the business is performing. This challenge was exacerbated by the various video conferencing tools being used in its many offices – each with their own limitations, interfaces and nuances. Furthermore, one system that the business had invested heavily in was a closed platform, meaning that only users on that system could join the conference and when you take into account the extent at which Les Mills is operating, a more universal and accessible system became a necessity.

Differing time-zones, internet connectivity, and geolocations made the need for a reliable and robust conferencing tool paramount to the ongoing success of Les Mills International.


Prior to adopting BlueJeans, board meetings took place in Auckland, New Zealand – now they have them wherever they want. With staff travelling for about 30% of their work life, the ability to communicate with staff anywhere and on any device was a monumental opportunity for Les Mills.

In addition to the reduction in travel costs, Les Mills also saw that it’s employees were more than happy with BlueJeans. Usage stats increased along with feedback scores, which had 89% of users leaving positive feedback. The implementation of BlueJeans was such a success, that the GM of Technology, Steve James, describes the video communications platform as part of the Les Mills "foundational infrastructure."

When we roll into a new market BlueJeans is part of what we call our foundational infrastructure. New employees and partners receive a Les Mills email address and BlueJeans access, it’s the first thing they receive because it connects them to the rest of the business like they’re really there.
Steve James, GM of Technology






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