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Helping Companies Create a Sustainable Future Through Face-to-Face Collaboration

Simple, Flexible and Reliable

Forum for the Future was founded in 1996 as a charity with a mission to accelerate change to a sustainable way of life. Forum has worked with some of the best-known brands in the world, changing the debate about sustainable business and altering the way leading companies operate. Part of this charge includes sharing their key learning so companies can benefit -- and act.

With offices in London, NY, India and Singapore, Forum needed a way to improve communication between its offices and with its partners. Realizing the immense impact face-to-face communication has on productivity and relationship building, Forum found itself trying to find a video solution that would be easy to use, affordable and manageable. That didn’t prove an easy task. Dedicated video systems for each office were expensive, complex and time consuming for the IT organization. Free video conferencing software solutions were cumbersome and proved to have a poor user experience. Meeting with external partners added to the complexity since some organizations have strict policies when it comes to downloading software clients. There was no clear solution that met their needs.

The Blue Jeans video platform has been immensely helpful to us. It has saved us from fiddling around with inferior solutions, being forced to use different software depending on whom we were meeting with or being limited to a phone call. The Blues Jeans network has solved a lot of problems for us.
Mohammad Hassan, IT Support Officer

Enter Blue Jeans. From the onset, Blue Jeans vastly simplified the originally complex nature of trying to host a meeting, especially with external parties. Blue Jeans also allowed Forum to have video in all their offices without the need for expensive, dedicated video systems at each location. Using Blue Jeans, Forum can host meetings with anyone without worrying what technology the remote attendees have available. There is no longer a need to maintain or support multiple software clients to meet with external parties.

Another benefit Forum values is that employees can now self-schedule and host both internal and external, multi-party video meetings, and attendees can join easily from wherever they are using a standard browser without the need for IT to hand hold the process. It frees IT up to focus on other aspects of their business, and it allows employees more flexibility in their schedules, including joining meetings from home.

Choosing Blue Jeans Over Other Vendors

Since launching the service, Forum has identified many use cases that benefit from Blue Jeans’ real-time, visual interaction:

  • Staff meetings
  • Collaborative lunch briefings
  • Interviews

Use of the Blue Jeans service has continued to grow month over month as more users have been exposed to the tangible benefits of an easy, open and interoperable video solution that lets them spend more time focusing on the people in the meeting versus the technology behind it. Face it, work that Forum for The Future is doing is helping ensure a better future for the world, and it’s people and ideas that are the most important aspect of their business. Blue Jeans simply ensures they have the vehicle to get the most out of their mission.

With Blue Jeans there is no need to install or maintain multiple video clients. Users simply join from whatever video client they have, and it just works. We use Blue Jeans every day and have found it to be the easiest video solution we’ve ever used.
John Bishop, IT and Administration Manager

Business situation:

Forum for the Future is an independent non-profit working globally to help government, cities, public service providers and businesses understand how to develop sustainable public services which offer a better life to the people they serve. With a growing footprint and need to collaborate regularly with external parties, Forum was interested in finding an affordable way to communicate more effectively.


The Blue Jeans service gave Forum a single tool to host and attend real-time video meetings with colleague and partners around the globe. Focused on sustainability, Blue Jeans fit perfectly with their mission to reduce waste in terms of cost, time, carbon footprint and resources.




Forum for the Future Case Study