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Fleming's Steakhouse Adopts BlueJeans Conference Calling

Fleming's has made their business run more cohesively and efficiently by adopting the latest conference calling and live streaming technology. There are few businesses that have the creativity and vision to think about conference call services that enhance customer experiences in ways that can only be imagined by others in their field. They have the audacity to combine seemingly different industries and come up with ways that create truly lasting memories for their customers.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is a familiar name in the upscale steakhouse category.  Since 1998, Fleming’s has been the ultimate steakhouse destination for food and wine lovers seeking a stylish, lively memorable dining experience. Fleming’s offers an engaging ambiance and lively environment, where one can enjoy great food and a broad selection of fine wine, which is further complemented by attentive and knowledgeable service.

Fleming’s further distinguishes itself within its competitive set when it comes to award-winning, high-tech collaboration technologies. In 2010, they equipped all of their restaurants with high-definition video conferencing technology. This allowed their restaurant operators and executives to communicate with each other remotely, thereby saving time and money on travel. Additionally, this video conference technology also provided Fleming’s private dining guests with a platform to communicate with people in other restaurants, whether for a business purpose or celebrating a special social occasion. While this room based video conferencing technology opened new opportunities for Fleming’s, it could still not connect their guests in private dining rooms with other business partners or family members at home via Google Talk. It also could not fully deliver on the vision to create shared experiences between their chefs, food and wine experts, and guests spread all over the country and beyond. 

With its partnership with Blue Jeans Network, Fleming’s can now take its video conferencing technology to the next level. Through the Blue Jeans Network cloud-based service, Fleming’s can now connect their private dining room video conferencing systems with other desktop solutions like Google Talk, thereby unleashing limitless possibilities. Fleming’s will now be able to host Thanksgiving dinners, where families can virtually connect with other members regardless of where they are or what video technology they are using. They can now also host several shared experiences, including cooking classes or wine tasting sessions. Fleming’s Corporate Executive Chef - Russell Skall - can now conduct cooking classes via video to hundreds of enthusiasts watching from home using Google Talk on their laptop or smart phones. Wine tasting sessions from Napa Valley can now be brought directly into dining rooms, whether at Fleming’s or in the comforts of home. This will all be made possible through Blue Jeans video conferencing service!

Solutions like Blue Jeans Network make the bold visions of Fleming’s possible. Fleming’s has always embraced the cutting-edge solutions like Blue Jeans to further their reputation of providing memorable dining experiences to their guests.


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