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Facebook employees collaborate

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The ability for employees across Facebook to see each other in meetings fosters a much more collaborative environment than email, chat, and phone calls alone.

If you look across some of the successful start-ups that have emerged from the Silicon Valley, one common theme across all of them is a strong start-up culture, stemming from the founders and early employees. One of the biggest success stories in recent years has been Facebook. The company that was founded in 2004, continues to expand rapidly across the globe with over 900 Million active users. To serve these subscribers globally, Facebook has operations in 26 cities and continues to expand its presence globally.

With unprecedented growth and success comes greater responsibility to ensure that the original vision and corporate values are maintained across the company. Given the global nature of Facebook operations, it has been challenging to get people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to collaborate efficiently and maintain high levels of performance that typically characterize the Facebook culture. Geographical distances and technology barriers don't help matters either.

One way that Facebook has addressed these issues is with video conferencing. As the company has grown recently, it has become increasingly important to maintain its open, intimate and fast moving culture. One of the key strategies in this effort is the use of video. The ability for employees across the company to see each other in meetings fosters a much more collaborative environment than email, chat, and phone calls alone.

Facebook already had a number of video conference rooms at headquarters and its larger sites, but was looking for a way to expand the reach of video conferencing to those employees that didn't have access to those rooms, including telecommuters, and employees at smaller sites, that preferred desktop and mobile technologies. The available solutions to bridge between these two worlds were cumbersome and expensive. Classic room-based conferencing systems could only connect to other room-based systems, and not to desktops. But then Facebook found BlueJeans Network.

BlueJeans Network is a cloud based video conferencing service designed to make video meetings as easy, interoperable, and affordable as audio meetings. Customers use their existing video conferencing devices and connect them together through the BlueJeans cloud.

With BlueJeans, Facebook has begun to enable any to any video conferencing for its employees. A single meeting can handle many different participants in many different locations, using many different video-enabled devices. Every Facebook employee can have his own personal meeting room in the BlueJeans cloud that can be used to schedule and host video meetings on demand. Participants join a meeting by dialing a number or click on a url.

With a cutting-edge solution like BlueJeans, Facebook can continue to expand rapidly and not worry about its culture diluting over time. Today at Facebook, employees across the globe see each other and work more collaboratively in their BlueJeans.




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