Video Conferencing for a Global Cause


Founded in 2000, Borderless Executive Search is a retainer-based, direct search firm and leadership consultancy, specializing in four B2B sectors – process & converting industries, life sciences, food processing, and oil & gas. With head offices in Brussels, Belgium, the firm’s 30 consultants are geographically dispersed across the globe. However, with employees scattered across the globe they need a versatile tool that was as location agnostic, as it was platform.

With BlueJeans, we quickly realized considerable savings in travel costs - more importantly, screening interviews became much more effective and consequent time savings have enabled us to speed up the entire search process
Andrew Kris, IT, Founding Partner Borderless Executive Search

Borderless Executive Search helps their clients reach business objectives by finding some of the world’s best talent through a process facilitated by the use of modern communication tools. Video recruiting has empowered the team at Borderless Executive Search to develop and maintain stronger relationships with candidates. BlueJeans’ platform agnostic solution allows consultants to communicate simply and professionally internally as well as externally

With consultants across the globe, Borderless needed a user experience that is dependable and versatile. The inherent nature of the business demands that the firm be as “borderless” as its name suggests. Having tested a variety of major vendors over years, Borderless selected BlueJeans. With BlueJeans, the firm has the flexibility of an entirely software-based service that avoids complexity and allows for an optimum experience with every video meeting regardless of location.


Prior to launching BlueJeans, Borderless was screening candidates via audio calls, however, with video screening becoming more available, they needed a modern product that provided a collaborative experience for everyone, and included features such as screen sharing.


Borderless Executive Search uses video conferencing on a daily basis, and by utilizing BlueJeans, it has optimized the candidate qualification process.

By creating a video-orientated environment for consultants and interviewees, the firm improved the quality of screening and reduced the number of in person meetings required. The use of BlueJeans contributes to a reduction in the time required to develop a short list of qualified candidates from the typical 6-8 weeks and is reducing the time and cost of travel for candidates and consultants.

Within the first three months of deploying BlueJeans, Borderless Executive Search saw over a 500% increase in usage throughout the firm, confirming how effective a high quality, easy-to-use video environment can be.






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