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BlueJeans Best-of-Breed Awards

Honoring teams, departments and organizations transforming the way work gets done.

bluejeans customer award program

The Trailblazers of Video Communications

The Best-of-Breed Awards recognize forward-thinking customers worldwide who are deploying BlueJeans technologies in new and interesting ways to improve the way they communicate, collaborate and meet.

BlueJeans Best-of-Breed Award Winners

Best Large-Scale Deployment

Award recipients demonstrated an outstanding ability to execute widescale change management to dramatically improve enterprise collaboration.





Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany successfully enabled all 55K of its employees with BlueJeans Meetings and Events, while exceeding expectations for global digital collaboration both internally and externally.

Honorable Mention

Eectrolux secured a 95% satisfaction rate during its 24,000-employee rollout. Electrolux uses BlueJeans to collaborate with customers in every international region, time zone, and bandwidth condition.

Honorable Mention

McCarthy Building Companies deployed BlueJeans company-wide to improve face-to-face collaboration and knowledge sharing between the job site and the office.

Most Innovative Use Case

Award recipients demonstrated impressive creativity and ingenuity by applying video conferencing technology to solve unique and complex problems.

The University of Louisville delivers its “Pulse of Surgery” program by using BlueJeans Rooms to connect students to live open-heart surgeries, so students and teachers can interact with the operating room staff to learn about the procedures and tools.

Honorable Mention

What started as a one-week intensive online webinar series, Tap Into Freedom has grown into a fully-fledged online tap dance training platform. Using BlueJeans, the program offers 1:1 expert-led sessions to students all over the world.

Honorable Mention

Opus Interactive uses always-on Hot Walls to generate a 30%-50% increase in productivity and communication effectiveness by being connected and able to see and talk to each other, just as if technicians were in the same room.

Biggest Impact

Award recipients demonstrated significant contributions to driving social, environmental, or cultural change through their thoughtful use of video conferencing technology.

With a mission to eradicate AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, The Global Fund uses BlueJeans to educate and enable local NGOs to run impactful programs across a hundred countries around the world.

Honorable Mention

Training and inspiring a global network of storytellers committed to preserving cultural heritage, natural science, and conservation spaces, National Geographic uses BlueJeans to virtually educate teams and partners on every continent.

Honorable Mention

Miller Mediation and Solution created an innovative program called “Our Family Encounter” that uses BlueJeans to connect families and facilitate discussions around legal, financial, housing, care and socialization issues.

Best Collaboration Champion or Team

Award recipients demonstrated tremendous success in fostering organizational collaboration through the implementation of video conferencing technology.

Amicus Therapeutics conducts virtual patient advisory boards over BlueJeans to connect with their patients and gather critical inputs for developing and delivering high-quality medicines for people with rare metabolic diseases.

Honorable Mention

The New Relic IT team has achieved a 98% BlueJeans utilization rate across the company and adopted breakout sessions, meeting recordings, and browser-based meetings for different scenarios, like successful customer demos and internal working sessions.

Honorable Mention

Whether Sense Corp is having a meeting to share innovative ideas or toasting a celebration, BlueJeans enables them to stay connected with clients, partners and employees – on any device, no matter where they are.

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