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Aje is one of the world’s largest multinational beverage companies with presence in 23 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. With 28 years of experience and 13,000 employees around the globe, Aje is the fourth largest non-alcoholic beverages company by sales volume. Aje’s product portfolio includes brands such as: Big Cola, Pulp, Cielo, Volt, Big Fresh, Sporade and Cifruit.

With a strong commitment to “democratizing consumption”, Aje reaches new consumer groups and provides them with access to high quality products at fair prices.

Aje’s mission is to create a world where people dream bigger, go further, and grow and prosper together. The company aspires to be among the top 20 multinational companies by 2020.


Communication is essential for a business like Aje that operates globally and needs to be connected 24/7 in more than 20 countries. Over the years, Aje has tried a multitude of different communication tools, however none of them were able to achieve the cohesive collaboration desired; on the contrary, the group of disparate solutions caused frustration among employees and a perceived lack of reliability.

Aje needed a solution that would allow employees to connect from anywhere, from any device and at the same time be compatible with their existing video infrastructure.


Among the reasons that led Aje to choose BlueJeans was the ease of use of the platform, in particular with vendors and partners outside the company. With employees located around the world, having a tool that is easy to operate without IT resources needing to be involved is critical. Additionally, BlueJeans’ ability to interoperate with Aje’s existing video hardware infrastructure means they can continue to leverage that investment while extending the reach of video communications within their organization.

The ease of use and being able to connect from any platform or device gave Aje the ability to communicate across multiple departments and organizations face-to-face more effectively than ever before. BlueJeans’ ability to scale and adjust bandwidth usage is particularly useful, especially in Latin America where varying connection options historically made video communications difficult or impractical. Since deploying BlueJeans, Aje has improved employee productivity and continues to reduce costs on a local and global scale.

BlueJeans reduces time and shortens distances, it is a cultural change. We are getting closer to people, and this proximity generates business confidence.
Oscar Valentin - Global IT Manager
Aje Group.






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