We sat down with Ashley Azzopardi, Principal Services Architect, Enterprise IT Services over at Red Hat who told us how he is getting his employees to #SEEtheDifference video can make. No more audio-only calls for Red Hat. Read on for Ashley's Five Video Enhancement Tips.

When asked what impact Red Hat has seen since adding Blue Jeans as a service for our 7,000+ associates, I would say Blue Jeans videoconferencing has positively changed how we communicate and openly collaborate here at Red Hat.

Before Blue Jeans, the majority of Red Hatters used audio conferencing to connect with each other for meetings. It was easy to miss information and misunderstand colleagues using only audio. If there was a need to present materials, we would use a separate screen sharing tool. With Blue Jeans, gone are the days of dialing into a meeting with a separate link for screen sharing. With one link, associates are able to collaborate more efficiently.

Here are five enhancements we’ve experienced with video meetings via Blue Jeans:

1. SMILE for the camera! As much as we value in-person meetings on location, this is not always possible. Seeing associates’ reactions helps us to better understand our colleagues. Video is the next best thing to meeting in person.

2. Are you LISTENING? Having a video chat or meeting enables the speaker to connect and respond in a much more active way. We all pay more attention when we are on video. Instead of writing a quick email while on a conference call, we tend to stay more focused and engaged.

3. Awkward silence? Not any more . . . “hey cute cat.” Video takes the second guessing away. No more, "hello, can you hear me?" Instead, video adds a human element. When you're face-to-face, it's hard to have those classic, audio-only, awkward silence moments. 

4. Roll call not required: Gone are the days of having to ask, “Who’s on the call?” or “Who just joined?” The attendee list solves that problem. If a participant joins late, there is little or no disruption -- the meeting continues and everyone on the call sees who has joined. The attendee list is awesome.

5.Attend without travel: Blue Jeans has given us flexibility when traveling for a meeting isn’t an option. While I was recovering from neck surgery, I was still able to participate in a key global meeting. We’ve also heard from remote associates that Blue Jeans “levels the field” for them and allows them greater engagement with office-based associates. With Blue Jeans, we are able to offer Red Hatters one-stop-shopping and enhanced meeting options that provide better collaboration opportunities, more convenience, and much more flexibility.

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