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BlueJeans for Client Service

Helping you build lasting

Clients First

Clients are demanding. You can use BlueJeans to deliver the high-touch experience they expect. Use anything from a room system, to a laptop, to a mobile phone to connect and take care of business.

Go Mobile

In the service world, you're always on call. With BlueJeans, you can have a videoconference right from your mobile phone, helping you to live flexibly and function outside of the office.

Meet With Ease

With BlueJeans, you can easily schedule meetings through your calendar or the simple web interface. And when you and your clients join, they can connect with the device that's most convenient for them at the time.

Share Content

When serving clients, it's all about showing results to justify why they're paying you. Use BlueJeans' content sharing features to show presentations, spreadsheets, and videos during your meetings.

Client-serving companies are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Deliver tax-consulting services to outside clients from partners' iPads and laptops
  • Reach conference rooms of financial clients from browsers and iOS devices
  • Eliminate IT staff involvement in scheduling video calls with customers
  • Cut travel to client site and reduce costs by meeting face-to-face over video
  • Provide daily consulting services to primary client by connecting through browsers
  • Pitch marketing services to corporations and build ongoing relationships
  • Connect remote employees in SF and England with corporate HQ in Connecticut for weekly meetings
  • Enable architects to speak to their clients from any video-enabled device and provide consulting services
  • Host monthly board meetings by connecting Australia HQ to UK venture partner
  • Hold sales calls from Tandberg conference room system out to clients who will select their video device of choice

Customer Testimonials


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Blue State Digital
BlueJeans works every time, the connections are reliable, sound and video quality are great and the user interface is simple. It’s really everything I want out of a conferencing system. It works so well for me that it recedes into the background and I never think about it, and I always prefer BlueJeans over everything else, even Skype. Rich Mintz, Executive Vice President, Blue State Digital