In 2007 Apple delivered a revolutionary device to the world. Many users adopted the new device by the millions within a few weeks. When the "iPhone OS" 2.0 was introduced (the name of the iOS art the time), we saw a huge adoption for corporate users since they added in some abilities for enterprise email, calendaring, etc. Since those days, the iPhone (and later the uber-revolutionary iPad) has been a staple in the enterprise, supported or not, since then. Hello BYOD! Fast forward a couple of years...

Some cool facts:

  • 81% of all tablet usage is from an iPad
  • 170 million iPads sold to date. This means that we ARE in the post-PC era and users are relying on mobile apps more and more to accomplish every task imaginable. 
  • (*from the Apple event on October 22nd)

These days, more people forget their car keys before they forget their smartphones. Being connected is normal and not the exception. Many users are starting to leave the laptops in the office and working from tablets and smartphones. The mobile lifestyle is in full effect. I personally do 90% of my day-to-day work from an iPad  and sometimes with a keyboard for high WPM typing. 

If you look in an airport terminal, you will see many people using tablets to accomplish work and from places other than the "Business Center Kiosks" that are common in most international airports. 

At Blue Jeans, we feel that mobile is a first class citizen and will constantly improve our mobile offerings to make sure the end user has an #AWESOME experience. We have big plans for our mobile apps and we are on track for some #AWESOME innovations and releases in the coming months. We strive to enable the mobile lifestyles of today and tomorrow.

We are proud to announce the new version of our proven iOS client for Blue Jeans: Version 1.7. 

In this version you will notice:

Chat Functionality

You can now chat with other attendees in a Blue Jeans meeting.

Interface tweaks

We freshened up the user interface to make joining and starting meetings even easier!

Bug Fix

As always, we are fixing little pesky bugs.

In-meeting optimizations

We constantly make tweaks to the in-meeting experience for better usability and quality.

We are making some #AWESOME updates in the months to come so stay tuned to this blog for more announcements from the Blue Jeans Mobile Team! ...onward and upward!

Tedd Fox is Senior Product Manager for Mobile Applications at Blue Jeans Network.