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Blue Jeans for Canvas

Make Classroom Learning More Effective
By Creating New Opportunities


Blue Jeans is changing the way that students learn and faculty members collaborate by enabling innovative uses of video conferencing and collaboration technology in education.

Now that Blue Jeans is integrated with the Canvas Learning Management System, we are helping to take collaboration and participation in education even further by becoming a seamless part of the everyday workflow of students, faculty and administrative staff.

Participants can:

  • Schedule and join meetings from within the Canvas environment
  • View and replay recorded meetings from within Canvas
  • Host recurring and moderated meetings
  • Auto-provision users


  • Up to 100 participants per meeting from any browser or mobile device.
  • True scalable cloud video solution: No on-premise hardware to purchase, support or manage.
  • End to end video integration. No need for additional middleware vendors.


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With the Canvas integration capabilities that support faster, better, and more effective learning, Blue Jeans helps you expand opportunities for yourself, your students, and your entire organization.

I successfully use Blue Jeans for meetings with my EMBA groups, which include students in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and the U.S. at the same time. The technology works very well, and while having video work across countries with minimal bandwidth is not straightforward, Blue Jeans’ platform does it better than competing products.
Professor Jan Van Mieghem, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

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