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Don't just meet

Turn on a Dime

Accelerate progress and move faster by eliminating the boundaries to successful decision-making with these best practices.


Mobilize your team to move fast

Empower your teams to unite, solve complex problems, and make critical decisions — on the go. The BlueJeans Meetings Platform supports mobile screen share, Dolby Voice for iOS and Android, and Low-Bandwidth Mode to make collaboration effective for remote and mobile teams.

See how Team Rubicon does it.

Turn on a dime with:

Emergency Response

When responding to an urgent situation, workers on the ground must have the ability to participate in crystal-clear conversations with remote team members to make quick decisions and best manage the situation.

Listen to the Dolby Voice difference to experience true HD audio.

Mobile Technical Support

Whether servicing a fleet on the road or maintaining electrical transmission towers, technicians need a flexible approach for connecting with office-based subject matter experts, regardless of the network conditions.

Check out this blog to learn more about BlueJeans' Low-Bandwidth Mode.

Virtual Walk-Throughs

When managing a broadly distributed operation it’s imperative to drive a consistent customer experience. Virtual walk-throughs enable store managers to compare best practices and ensure global alignment.

See how Cotton On uses BlueJeans to optimize their retail experience.

BlueJeans Interface on Desktop and Mobile devices

Why Choose Us?

Mobile-Ready Design

The BlueJeans mobile meeting experience allows you to share your vantage point with remote team members to receive guidance and jointly troubleshoot challenging scenarios. 

Simple Join Options

BlueJeans’ intelligent calendar integration makes it easy to join a meeting with the click of a button.  Initiate a face-to-face meeting in seconds to get the answers you need.

Best-in-Class Audio

Dolby Voice intelligent audio features put everyone front and center regardless of background noise and distractions.

Try BlueJeans. It's simple

Experience meetings with HD video and Dolby Voice audio. Your meetings have never been this productive.