Dear Customer,

We would walk to mordor for you. Even climb a steep mountain. You are our #1. We wouldn’t trade you for a box of kittens. You’re the peanut to our jelly. You complete us, and we can’t live without you.

Will you be ours? Like, forever?

The Blue Jeans Team 

We have quite a few #BlueJeansLoveStories being passed around our office today. Nothing makes you feel more warm and fuzzy than talking about your loved ones, and today, it’s all about YOU, our customer.

As we swap stories, a recent memory comes to mind. Our five-year anniversary party was held this year at Levi’s Stadium, home to the San Francisco 49ers. Ashley Azzopardi from Red Hat joined on the jumbotron as festivities kicked off to declare his love for Blue Jeans. Nothing celebrated our product and customer love more than bringing him in over video at 10pm EST on a Friday! Thanks Ash, we love you & the entire Red Hat team for all that you do. 

In October we hosted our first Customer Advisory Board. It was such a success, our team was getting hugs goodbye as our customers traveled back to their respective offices. Clarence Mitchell from California State Parks attended and gave us some love afterwards over email. His love note read, “The Customer Advisory Board made us feel like invited guests to the party with Blue Jeans as the host. Blue Jeans gets it. Yeah...they just get it.”

Steve Hunt, CIO, of Team Rubicon was interviewed for a use case video and told us, “What Blue Jeans has done for us is revolutionary.” Watch the entire video here.

Tell us a couple reasons why you love Blue Jeans and enter to win some swag to keep you warm until spring comes! Tweet @BlueJeansNet using the hashtag #BlueJeansLoveStories or use your Blue Jeans credentials to write in the Blue Jeans Community Praise category.