As a leading professional services organization that helps businesses with a multitude of transformation and value delivery projects, Sense Corp needed a reliable, smart video conferencing solution to improve their collaboration among clients, partners and employees.

Newly headquartered in Austin, TX, Sense Corp has to coordinate a workforce spread across Texas, Missouri and Ohio, who are providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the US and around the world. When not in one of their offices, many consultants are working at client sites or working remotely. Sense Corp’s legacy communication tool was continuously failing to meet the mark with issues such as time wasted at the beginning of the meetings, connection problems, and general unreliability. Employees, consultants and clients were left frustrated with their experience.

Peter Siegel, CFO of Sense Corp, began searching for a more dependable communication solution that would replicate a personal connection for their employees through a quality, easy-to-use video conferencing tool which could also stand up to the needs of a dynamic, growing business. Siegel identified and implemented BlueJeans company-wide based on superior ease-of-use and the support received from the BlueJeans Team.

“The technology just works,” said Peter Siegel, CFO of Sense Corp. “We love how easy-to-use everything is! Additionally, BlueJeans team has been amazing to do business with. The relationship managers and technical folks listened, quickly responded and made the buying process easy. This was a pleasant surprise after our experience with other companies where we were traded around, not listened to, and pushed to buy what they wanted to sell but not what we needed.”

“We have installed BlueJeans in every one of our conference rooms, on every one of our laptops, on every one of our mobile devices” said Keat Wilkins, CEO of Sense Corp. “And what we have found is, our productivity has increased 5 to 10-fold.”

In addition to deploying BlueJeans Meetings, which delivers interoperability to support various endpoints, Sense Corp also deployed Dolby Voice Rooms in every one of their meeting rooms. BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service with Dolby Voice Room provides a seamless, hassle free meeting experience in their conference rooms. A subscription service that provides Sense Corp with the latest hardware, software and all services included in one cost-effective, monthly price, BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service made it easy to bring intelligent and effective video meetings to their conference rooms and took away all the pain from their previous solution.

When planning their new headquarters, Sense Corp had collaboration top of mind and specifically designed their rooms and space with BlueJeans in mind. Many features were set to optimize their BlueJeans experience, including having dual monitors in every conference room.

While Sense Corp was able to increase productivity and reliability with BlueJeans, the added value is really seen in employee engagement, satisfaction and human connectedness which was realized in a recent internal survey. The ease-of-use has had a strong positive impact on morale, with employees feeling that they are being provided leading edge tools and technology to accomplish their goals.

“Sense Corp has some very aggressive growth plans,” said Keat Wilkins, CEO, Sense Corp. “Without the appropriate technologies that enable our consultants, that kind of change wouldn’t be possible.”

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