Lately my commute to work has been hellacious. It may sound ridiculous but I often gauge the state of the economy in terms of traffic. When it’s heavy, it signifies people are working. The fact that I live in the Silicon Valley surely amplifies that theory. And, in California, it seems there is endless roadwork happening to make room for the slew of cars headed to Google and all the other internet companies in the Valley.

I often think about all the time I’m wasting sitting in my car, cursing the drivers fiddling with their cell phones (it’s called hands-free for a reason people!). I’d much rather spend the extra time I sit in traffic getting work done. Luckily for me, Blue Jeans video is the best because it lets me do just that. While I do like to go into the office, there are days I am far more productive jumping on a call from home versus sitting in traffic joining in via audio.

The Blue Jeans Network team works diligently to add rich features that enhance your face-to-face meeting experience, so that when you have a video meeting, it’s as effective and easy as being there. Blue Jeans recently deployed Release 2.2, which includes new Group Chat functionality for both web browser and iOS participants.

This has been one of our most frequently requested features and we are excited to make it available! Hosts and meeting participants can now send chat messages to the group without disrupting the flow of the meeting. Join a meeting and give it a try! We’d love to know what you think! And, next time traffic drives you to road rage, consider the benefits of no commute.

For more information about the release and additional features, see below:

Release 2.2 includes:

Group Chat


Enhanced Group Admin Reporting

For more details on this release, view release notes »