In many enterprise environments, log in workflow is paramount to ensure security as well as user experience. Our video conferencing web app has supported single sign-on (SSO) for a couple of months now, and today we are proud to announce Blue Jeans for iOS 1.8!  Blue Jeans for iOS 1.8 now supports the SSO workflow for ease of use and security. We make it easy for the end user to sign on with SSO. All they need is their email address and SSO password and they're inside their video meeting. That is it! No configuration, no IT tutorials! Users that do not have SSO enabled will still be able to log into the iOS app without any problems. You can check out 1.8 here

We have also made many improvements to the mobile in-meeting experience with enhanced video and audio performance and fixed some pesky bugs. 

Big plans are ahead for the Blue Jeans mobile client, so stay tuned for some more #AWESOME updates soon!

Tedd Fox is Senior Product Manager for Mobile Applications at Blue Jeans Network.