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As a small business, it can be hard to effectively communicate with your customers, your vendors, and your employees. There are often hundreds of people to meet with, and only so much time in the day—especially since each person at your company is likely juggling multiple responsibilities. That said, face-to-face meetings have been proven to be the most effective and trusted means of customer engagement and internal communication. 

Managing a successful team—and a successful business—requires the personal connections that can only be achieved by meeting one another face-to-face. Very few businesses can be run solely over the phone, and even fewer can be successful with email as the only form of communication. However, physical meetings are not always convenient, especially as the business expands and customers and employees are located in remote areas and multiple time zones. 

When this is the case, the best possible form of communication is video conferencing. And the best part is that video conferencing is not limited to a single department—every single person in every department in your company can benefit from the extremely helpful technology. 


The fact of the matter is that without sales, a business will not survive. Empower your sales team to close more deals and close them faster by building rapport with your customers. With video conferencing, sales teams can easily connect with potential clients and build relationships quickly, ultimately leading them through the sales funnel without ever having to travel to them. Plus, video makes product demonstrations easier—enabling teams to showcase the product on the screen in real time.

Human Resources

Human resources teams are faced with a myriad of tasks, including finding new talent while also retaining the existing workforce. However, thanks to video conferencing, the hiring team can find global talent and easily screen candidates, leading to a workforce that includes the best talent and a mix of culture. Plus, research has shown that the cost per hire is far lower when interviews are completed through video conferencing rather than traditional face-to-face meetings.  


Good engineering teams aren’t cheap, but they are often the lifeblood of your organization—they make the product that your marketing team markets and your sales team sells. Engineers in Silicon Valley make 33% more than the national average, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better employees. With video conferencing, you can hire quality developers wherever they may be (often for much lower costs), and allow them to work with their team over video. Imagine how many more engineers you can hire (and how much more they can do with your product) by simply hiring remote employees.

Customer Success

The continuity of your business is highly dependent on income from customers, and satisfied customers tend to be loyal to brands. Too much churn can hurt business, but there is a way to keep customers happy—video conferencing. With engagement and support from customer success teams, customers can experience a trusted human connection that shapes their perception. Video conferencing allows you to better connect with customers, help them achieve their goals, and clarify points of misunderstanding—all of which goes a long way in mitigating churn. After all, it’s easier to keep happy customers than it is to find new ones each year. 


Modern technology has revolutionized the nature of marketing communication. Teams now have a platform they can use to brainstorm ideas with one another, communicate with external agencies, and even hold webinars for customers and prospects. With video conferencing, marketing teams can expand their reach faster and coordinate events for clients all over the world. Enable your marketing team with video communication and watch as they quickly and efficiently use it to drive more qualified leads for your sales team.  

Video for Small Businesses

While video conferencing is often considered to be a tool for the enterprise alone, there is no doubt that video conferencing is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes. Use it to connect seamlessly with prospects, expand your global reach, and coordinate customer events around the globe. There is no doubt that video conferencing is continuing to grow, and it should be on the minds of every small business leader.

With BlueJeans, you have the power to easily work with internal colleagues, communicate with external partners and agencies, and build relationships with customers and prospects all over the world. As your team grows, you need a communications tool with high-quality video, exceptional audio, and screen sharing capabilities that allow you to work when and where you can. BlueJeans can make it happen—at a price that is realistic for your growing team.

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