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What to Expect at InfoComm 2018

InfoComm 2018 starts in two days, and it’s expected to be one of the largest and most exciting events focused on the pro-AV industry. Here at BlueJeans, our team is busy setting up our booth and putting the finishing touches on our presentations. But for those of you attending, you may be wondering… what exactly should I expect from the next three days in Las Vegas?

There will be hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of new products, and dozens of keynote presentations. Last year, the theme was around bigger, better, and faster products—it was all about showing enterprise buyers that the next big thing is here. This year, we expect a deeper focus on enterprise needs, ranging from user experience to security to the role of AI in collaboration and communications.  

Nemertes Research’s VP and Service Director Irwin Lazar states, “IT leaders consistently state that improving ease of use is a key requirement to broaden adoption and use of video-enabled meetings, and as such, I expect vendors to continue to try to differentiate themselves based on delivering solutions that make it easy to set up and control a meeting through various interfaces.”

Rob Arnold, Program Manager of Unified Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan, is predicting a larger focus on supplementary solutions, while companies still work to prove their value on the core product. “The industry is still at a point where it is trying to prove next-level value of newer solutions. Here I’m not talking about speeds and feeds, but about providing solutions with measurable impact of user and organizational efficiency and performance. AI in meeting spaces. Voice-driven commands. Intelligent cameras that analyze how costly meeting spaces are utilized. Bots that help measure sentiment and engagement during conversations. This can all be used to help organizations maximize time and resources to become more agile, productive, and efficient.”

With InfoComm occurring halfway through the year, it provides a good perspective on where the industry will focus as we close out 2018. Lazar expects to see clients working on migrating separate audio conferencing, video conferencing, and meeting applications into a single, integrated environment, which he sees as a top priority for most right now. 

The key here is for the business experience to catch up to the consumer experience in terms of ease of use and overall appeal. As Arnold states, “This is critical for greater adoption of business collaboration tools.” Here at BlueJeans, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re continuously improving our meetings platform for the modern workplace.

Curious to learn more? Attend one of the following sessions at InfoComm to hear what these experts and others think about the future of modern work.

Examining Better UC Metrics for Better Results
Wednesday, June 6 – 10:00 — Pavilion 1
Few organizations actually gather the details about how they collaborate (number of meetings, number of participants, number of calls, etc.) Even less of them examine these numbers to look for opportunities for service improvement. New, automated systems that gather and examine these metrics are available, and are a gold mine of data that can be used to identify problems, right-size deployed technologies, and reveal good trends that should be encouraged and bad trends that should be addressed. This session and panel discussion will detail how these systems and services work, and highlight areas where they can be used to improve both collaboration services and users' perception of them.

Workspaces of Tomorrow
Wednesday, June 6 – 11:00 — Pavilion 3
Work is now what you do, not where you go. In this panel session, discover new work environments and policies that have been a proven success for organizations. Learn how the tenets of smarter working and activity based working change office designs and the collaboration tools we use within them. Hear about how organizations are reaping the rewards of lower real estate and facilities costs and happier, more productive workers.

And don’t forget to stop by the BlueJeans Booth in the Expo Hall! We’ll be at Booth N1264 to chat with you about the meetings platform for the modern workplace and how we’re partnering with other companies to provide AI in meeting spaces, voice-driven commands, intelligent whiteboards, and more.

See where to meet BlueJeans at InfoComm.