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What’s Trending in SaaS Team Collaboration

The use of team collaboration software—instant messaging, video chat, and file sharing—has skyrocketed in the business world. From communication to project management, today’s technology offers a ton of options. Collaboration software tools and apps are built for users to address questions, make video calls, check tasks, and access shared files on the fly, from virtually anywhere. They help ensure that the right people get the information they need while emphasizing and enabling better teamwork.

Connecting Your Entire Company
The nature of work, and what it means to contribute, has evolved. Gone are the days of the traditional office building as the hub of workplace activity. With the rise of multiple offices and a “work from anywhere” mentality, along with an increase in remote employees and more flexible work hours, many of today’s companies are seeking tools that enable remote team collaboration.

The convergence of productivity tools and team collaboration apps is moving work and productivity forward. Team collaboration software ensures everyone is involved, engaged, and connected. Modern collaboration software provides a more informal platform so team members can stay in touch, exchange information, and express themselves with unprecedented convenience.

This convergence gives users the opportunity to collaborate in the way that works best for them. For instance, some apps combine virtual whiteboarding or screen sharing with video chats that can be launched with a single click. Others support dynamic project management involving multiple project updates, deadlines and detailed contributor responsibilities.   

Workforce Mobility and Collaboration
Many team collaboration tools offer mobile apps, enabling employees to conveniently communicate on the go. By improving user access to existing desktop collaboration tools, mobile apps further accelerate response times and speed up work productivity. Most collaboration tools make it easy—for anyone who has access to the tool on their mobile app—to edit or view files, track projects, send chats or launch video calls. When combined with other SaaS trends—team collaboration and mobility is poised to dramatically transform existing business models.

Team Collaboration Software Types

Project Management
Prioritize, discuss, schedule, and track work progress in real time across distributed teams. Project Management tools, like Trello, accelerate project timelines and help make work operations easier and more efficient. This flexibility allows multifunctional groups to get things done in one place.

To streamline capturing in-meeting updates and post-meeting deliverables, Hugo’s collaborative notetaking enables meeting attendees to work within the same set of notes to better capture their meeting insights and turn them into action.

Video Conferencing
Meeting over video is easier than ever. Video collaboration lets users launch a video, audio or web conference software across smartphones, desktops, and room systems. Look for meeting platforms that integrate with other workplace tools—like calendars and chat apps—while providing interoperability for seamless company-wide adoption.

For multi-streaming, apps like Rumpus allow for virtual team collaboration like never before. Through the app, BlueJeans users can share multiple screens, view real-time cursor movement, and react to content with non-verbal cues to improve meeting productivity. 

Instant Messaging
Facilitate text-based, multi-party communication from any location between employees, clients and partners. High on the list of popular workplace tools, SaaS-based messaging services like Slack offer real-time messaging, in tandem with archiving and search capabilities for companies of all sizes.

You can also launch a BlueJeans Meeting from any Slack Direct Message or Channel to elevate your conversation to a scalable, multi-party video meeting.

File Sharing
Using links and role-based permissions, cloud-based file sharing tools help users securely store and share business files. These platforms typically offer a range of file storing features including document uploading, folder organization, search and archiving functions.

You get the picture, collaboration in today’s digital workplace is layered with innovative options, so finding success may require evaluating and using different kinds of tools.

For more information on the many great collaboration tools that work with BlueJeans, visit our BlueJeans App Network.