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What is Video Communication Success?

For most of human history, communicating with someone on the other side of the world was unfathomable. Then postal services arose, as did the phone companies. But only recently have we begun to enter each other's lives through the type of media that makes it seem like we're in the same room as the person we're talking to.

However, there's still a long way to go, and the question of "what is video communication?" is still answered differently depending on who's answering it. Technology has sharpened but many vendors are still offering incompatible communication systems, leaving companies stuck with steep investments in video infrastructure systems they can't fully take advantage of. 

In this article, we'll go over the various ways video communication can bring success to your business if done the right way.

What is Video Communication?

In order to understand the success that can come from implementing a company-wide video communication platform, you first have to understand what it is. Video conferencing is essentially a live connection between people or groups of people in separate locations for the sake of collaboration or clear communication on matters involving both parties.


To provide the best meeting experience possible from your end, your level of preparation should be unmatched. Configure your conferencing environment accordingly and test the feed on your laptop at least 10 minutes prior to starting. 

Consider potential video issues like glare and experiment with different angles until you find the right lighting for your setting. Whether it's a living room, office, coffee shop, or patio, maximizing your visibility is key to getting a clear message across. After all, 91 percent of professionals agree that video improves clarity and helps them understand the discussion better.

Clear Communication

Telecom platforms are highly advanced these days, but that doesn't mean there aren't errors. Make sure you speak clearly and use a professional tone when addressing the other members of the call. Speak directly into your microphone and try not to move your head around too much, as a lack of stability detracts from the quality of your voice. If you're wondering if your voice is being heard well enough, speak as you normally would in person. If meeting attendees can't hear you properly, they'll let you know. 

Remember, high-quality conferencing is just like talking to people face-to-face, so pay attention to the other attendees. Looking around at objects off screen is distracting and will lower the effectiveness of your conference. For example, BlueJeans offers built-in dual-streaming technology, which always keeps any shared documents, videos or screens in a separate side-by-side view window next to whoever's doing the talking. Take advantage of it.

Proper Etiquette

Like with most things in life, etiquette goes a long way. Remember to mute the audio from your microphone when you aren't speaking, as it will be a distracting noise to other members in attendance. Maintain eye contact when speaking by looking into the camera when it's your turn. Try to pace your speaking as well since the quicker you speak, the less likely it is that other attendees will hear your message in its entirety. 

From job interviews to status reports with remote teams, all the way up town-hall style live events, you want to maintain an appropriate and professional persona when addressing anyone during a video conference. Following these tips will help guide you down the road to a successful business conference, regardless of its size!